26 Items You Would Have to Carry Around to REPLACE Your Smartphone

Most can’t live without one, while very few see them as a curse of modern life. But whatever your view of smartphones, without one in your pocket you would have to lug around the equivalent of 26 separate items. Smartphone technology replaces the need to carry a map, a camera, and a host of other essentials. While a smartphone easily fits in the palm of a hand and weighs lightly, we estimate it would smartone 上台優惠 take at least a rucksack to haul all the extra items around, and apparently it also works out cheaper.

It cost far less to buy, use and maintain a smartphone than to buy all the extra items separately. The prices of the items on the list vary from being affordable (buying a newspaper) to being pricey (buying a high-quality camera). Other expensive gadgets include a portable games console and an MP3 player for listening to music. So let’s take a peek at the various items we would need to have if smartphones were to suddenly go extinct:

This is a common medium for disseminating (reliable or unreliable) information within a country. Without a smartphone, you would be restricted to the newspapers sold in your locality and worse still, you would have to go out to buy it.

High quality cameras:
We are in ‘ the selfie’ generation and it most definitely wouldn’t be so with the smartphone. So without owning a smartphone, you would have to invest in a high quality camera which could set you back thousands in cash.

Video camera:
These are used primarily for recording memorable events and should be high on your to-buy list if you don’t have a smartphone

English dictionary:
For native and foreign English speakers, a dictionary is a must-have item without a smartphone

Portable game console:
Don’t have a smartphone as a gamer? Then you are going to have to invest in a game console.

Address book:
I know. We all use our smartphones as our default address book. So imagine having to actually buy and use a physical address book? Daunting, right?

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