A Comparison Between the LG Optimus G Pro and the New Vivo V 21 Pro

The name Vivo V21 Pro is already a familiar name for regular cell phones. The company is a part of the big players in the global mobile phone market – Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola Vivo V21 Pro . Now, Vivo is said to be planning to release a new smartphone in India soon – Vivo V21 Pro. However, there are still no official details on the design, specs or any other facts.

One can get a fair idea of what the Vivo V21 Pro looks like from the front as it has a metallic body that is mostly white with black strips on the sides. The body is curved and the phone offers two cameras – one primary and another secondary. It also features a fingerprint sensor, USB dock connector, microSD slot, headphone jack and other basic facilities.

On the rear, the Vivo V21 Pro features a dual-tone LED flash with chromatic display. This phone comes with a brushed metal frame and looks quite sleek and modern. The phone offers users enhanced clarity and color rendering with the help of Vivo’s color filters. The fingerprint sensor is positioned on the power key and is activated through pressing the center key. The phone offers users enhanced clarity and color rendering with the help of Vivo’s color filters.

The physical design of this device is such that it looks bulky and heavy, even when it is using a metal frame. The body of the Vivo V 21 Pro measures in at 6.44 inches, which makes it slightly bigger than the iPhone 4S. The physical home button along with the volume buttons are located on the sides of the device and are easy to press.

Compared to other devices in the Apple group, the Vivo V 21 Pro has a slightly higher selling price at $400, but it is still a great deal. This phone comes with a standard battery, which is capable of giving users more than five days of usage time. In the lte, users can avail of a 1 year contract, which is quite low compared to other competitors. In the case, users can also choose to buy it on an immediate credit card payment, making the Vivo V 21 Pro price worth every penny.

With all these advantages, it is expected that the Vivo V 21 Pro would be one of the most popular smartphone models in the coming months. Users can expect the new devices from various mobile network providers like, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Orange. In fact, the LG Optimus G Pro will also be compatible with the android 11 os. However, it is also expected that users will not be seeing too many major differences between this device and its predecessors, given that the two operating systems are so similar in nature.

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