A Glaring Question – Why Is Shameem Kazmi Being Asked to Donate So Much Money to Cricket?

Shameem Kazmi is the latest in a long line of county football association directors to face being removed from their positions. He is also not the first such director to be stood down recently. In fact this week another County football Association director, Jon Bon Jovi, was stood down by the governing body of Jersey Shore. This comes at a time when Jersey Shore has become one of the biggest causes of friction within the football industry.

What exactly is behind this latest spat between Shameem Kazmi and the county football association of Jersey Shore? It seems that Mr Kazmi, or rather his agent, were unhappy with the amount of money which the league was asking its players to pay each month. They claimed that this would help to increase the quality of play and would also reduce costs. Apparently the Ray Lane Athletic Foundation, which is run by Shameem Kazmi did not help themselves when it came to explaining why they were requesting such a large sum of money from the players and the association failed to provide any logical explanation for this request Shameem Kazmi.

Another argument which appears to have been used by the players in opposition to this demand from the league is that it was an attempt to force them to join the BPO (business process outsourcing) league which is becoming more popular. There are many people who argue that these so-called benefits are nothing but a thinly disguised way for the players to make more money. They argue that to actually enjoy these benefits, they would have to spend the six figures which are demanded of them. The players are only doing it because they believe that it is going to benefit them financially and not because they want to gain exposure for the sport, which is run by the league.

The question which must be asked at this point is why should the public care about this? Is this really the right thing to be discussing? What is the overall opinion of the public as regards this money that is being requested of the players? If the public thinks that it is ridiculous for the sports board to be asking for a six figures in exchange for their commitment to play cricket, then why should anyone care? The reality is that this request is simply another ploy to increase their income by giving them a percentage of the profits that will come from the BPO.

When it comes to the issue of the players making more than what they are entitled to, one of the arguments that has been used is that this is a case of ‘creaming’ – in other words, the rich getting richer. This is an interesting point and one that merits some serious reflection on the part of those who are asking these persons to contribute money to their cause. It is one that also raises the questions as to whether there is an economic system in place that encourages this type of behaviour. We all know that in the developed world, economies tend to have more of an emphasis on sharing wealth rather than simply hoarding it.

When someone asks you to give money to help them build a stadium or fund an academy, they are doing so because they genuinely believe that they can contribute to the betterment of society in some way. Now, it is true that it may be that they can create a much better team or a better player and so it is their right to demand the maximum amount of payment that they are due. However, one has to ask if the amount of money being asked is proportional to the amount of contribution that they can make. In other words, is it fair to ask a rich person to give away a huge chunk of his wealth to help out other people who are less well off? This is one of the many questions that are being asked by countless ordinary citizens like Shameem Kazmi and much like him across the world.

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