A Near Death Experience Gives Gift of Healing Music

This is my story about me dying in a car wreck and from that car wreck, I was given this gift of composing music. Many people attribute their healings from listening to this music. I am not a musician and I can’t explain how I compose this music. My life and thousands of other people’s lives worldwide have greatly changed from listening to these compositions.

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Many people call it, miracle music. Also, other people who have Miracle Sheets had near death experiences, have heard my music on the other side while they were dead. I can’t deny the phenomenon that has been happening in my life or in other people’s lives when listening to this music. And, no one can explain it. This is an amazing story that may change your life.

All the traffic was at a stand still and a truck not paying attention to traffic, blasted into the rear end of my car. Not wearing a safety belt, I was thrown against the windshield and all of a sudden I was in this white silver light. A man’s voice, whom I couldn’t see, said to me “You can either come with us now, or you can go back.” When he said this to me, I thought of my computer studio that I had built. It took me ten years to build it and I had just finished it three days before this accident. I built this studio from an engineering point of view to see if I could do it. The next thing I knew, I was back in my injured body.

After I recovered from my injuries a year later, I went into my computer studio for the first time. When I turned on all the equipment, I suddenly felt real tired. I thought this was strange since I had a good nights sleep, but I couldn’t fight it. So, I laid my head back on my chair and took a nap.

Suddenly I was engulfed in all this music and color. It seemed like a few minutes in this lucid dream, but when I opened my eyes, it was eight hours later. I was shocked. Then I noticed my control panel flashing which indicated that something had been recorded. I put the equipment in play mode and this music came over my sound system. It was the same music that I had just experienced in this lucid dream.

I had joined a meditation class during this time in my life. I was curious and wanted to know more about it. After my experience in the studio, I thought this music would be great for meditation. So I took a copy of it to class. Everyone loved the music and my friend Leona pulled me over after class and said the following, “Marcey, you have a gift and you need to get this music out into the world.” I thought my friend had lost all of her senses. I told her she was nuts and went home.

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