Adding Video to Your Website Or Blog

In recent times we’ve all heard and read lots of information about adding value to a website or blog with the addition of video content. In the early days (not so long ago) it was thought that by just including lots of written information relevant to your site would be enough to cause a stampede of visitors to your website or blog.

As time moved forward, we learned by upgrading our sites and blogs with logos, graphics and photos coupled with good functionality we could also improve the traffic flow to our site or blog.

The most recent tactic we’ve all heard about is to do On-Page and Off-Page SEO. This is a set of tasks that require us to select relevant keywords and phrases and employ them in certain fashion to our sites and blogs. This by all means is an important method for improving traffic . The secret is out however, everyone including your competition knows the value of SEO. SEO is being used just about everywhere it can be making the task of improving traffic more difficult once again.

Just starting to emerge and rapidly gaining popularity, is a new phase of Internet marketing known as video marketing. Increasingly, more and more websites around the internet are using video to increase their value and boost traffic flow to their site. Think about the last time you logged into one of the major news or commercial sites. You very likely were greeted with a professional-looking video that either started up on page entry or provided an option to view the video. Isn’t it easier to watch and listen than to have to read multiple paragraphs or even pages of information?

You may not have thought about it but that video made your life just a little bit easier. And that is the concept behind adding video content to your site our blog. If your site is more enjoyable and it’s easier to obtain information from your site vs. your competitors, then guess which site gets the most traffic?

With the advancement of technology, creating video content for websites, blogs, iPods, iPhones, YouTube or other venues has become much easier than in the past. It use to be that you had to hire a video production house to create, process, host, and post your video at a cost of thousands of dollars. But not anymore. Now with the many desktop video applications and low-cost equipment commonly sold for personal use, you can have that same kind of professional video quality on your site or blog for a price that’s right for your budget.

When people are interested in blogging, they often get hung up on what the posts should be about. What do I write about? Do I write or use audio, or video…or all of it? Let me tell you how to make money online with blogging…and really with anything…it is about the frequency not the exact content!

Especially when you are getting started, your posts should be all about frequency. Let me explain what I mean.

I found that a lot of internet marketers, their biggest problem is they don’t do stuff-anything–frequently enough.  Biggest problem is people will do something once, do something twice, not get immediate results and give up. 

They move on to something else, before they get any traction- that is absolutely the worst possible thing with blogs.  You need to be posting roughly once a day when you’re getting started. This is not even so much for the search engines benefit, but for yours. 

If you get in the habit of doing something to drive more traffic to your website (blog) every day, that means you’re going to make more money every day than you did the day before.  So, if you get in the habit of doing something that’s going to get more traffic to your website on a daily basis, then you’ve basically cracked the code. 

And so one of the reasons that I recommend everyone post something to their blog every day, is simply to get in the habit of communicating with the public on a daily basis.  This is one of the same reasons that I recommend you email your list every day. 

Well, here’s the cool part.  If you’re following my email advice, and you’re emailing in your list every day, well, you can just slightly modify that email and use it as a blog post.  Kabam! You’ve got your posts taken care of. 

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