Be It For B2C Or B2B Leads, Be Careful About Having Too Many Campaigns!

It’s simple logic really. Work is good and it’s through it you gain prosperity. However, there’s always too much of a good thing. Work is no exception. In the case of campaign management, having too many campaigns to work with may not always be a good thing.

Some might tell you to set your limits. That’s good advice. However, you’ll have other people telling you the complete opposite. They have a point to. You shouldn’t push your business too hard. However, neither should you stay too long in your comfort zone. It’s all about balance.

In case this is still all obscure, go back to how this applies to what your business does. You can say that your business is between having too many campaigns to work with and 7.62×39 bulk ammo not limiting yourself to a certain number. How is a balance struck here? Where do you draw the line that defines too many campaigns and how hard do you have to cling on to it?

The first thing you need to do is set your priorities. Who would you first market to? If your business is starting out, then you’d actually need B2B sales leads before trying anything consumer-oriented. You need something to campaign for and chances are, the services/products of another business are your best bet. On the other hand, what if you’ve already accomplished that step? You’ve done a campaign on that, had people do a bit of cold-calling, and then put it on the backseat of your company action plan when you finally had some more serious work to do.

This is where the balance really becomes hard to establish. Still, what you’re doing is not a good idea. You have to keep your leads coming in at a constant flow because they’re undeniable connected to sales. If the rate of your lead generator does not match that of your sales, the result is the latter is going to run out of ammo. Are you even aware that this sort of juggling might put you at risk for bad practices? Cold calling isn’t exactly very popular nowadays. Although, to refine it to the point of removing the ‘cold’ part would take a very hefty investment.

Having too many campaigns is indeed comparable to a machine gun emptying its clip and there’s an unverified ratio between reloading and how many bullets you actually have left to reload. Campaigns don’t last forever and if you don’t strike a balance between B2B and B2C, your rate of progress becomes dangerous unstable and might not even take your business anywhere.

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