BlackBerry GPS App – How To Quickly Locate Employees With A BlackBerry GPS App

Are you an employer who needs a way to quickly locate your employees? Do you have a sales team is out “in the field” and need a way to get their position? Perhaps for safety reasons, you want a way to locate your sales team in case of an emergency? Regardless of your reason for wanting to locate your employees 聊天室, a BlackBerry GPS app is a great low-cost solution.


A BlackBerry GPS app is a cell phone tracking app built specifically for BlackBerry cell phones 香港交友網. Installation is done via the BlackBerry’s web browser and usually takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes per device. Once installed, these tracking apps enable you to track the location of any BlackBerry phone that has the tracking application installed.


A BlackBerry GPS app works by continuously recording the GPS location of the BlackBerry you are tracking. The GPS location is then uploaded from the BlackBerry to a remote server in various intervals 識女仔方法. As an administrator (the person who installed the software), you can view all the location information via an online dashboard that will list all the GPS locations. Each location has a time and date stamp, so you can also view historical tracking info. Now to view more detailed information, you simply click on a location you want more info on, and then you’ll see where the GPS coordinates are located on a map.


The obvious benefits of this type of tracking application is that it’s a perfect way for an employer to keep track of their employees who visit clients outside the office. Moreover, these applications enables employers to quickly locate their staff at any time in case of an emergency. Cost wise, at less than $50 bucks, a GPS application is far more cost effective than buying a GPS tracking device that is placed within a company car — which do no good if the employee leaves their car parked somewhere and either walks to the client office or takes a train. Final benefit that is often overlooked, is this type of tracking software enables an employer to track their employees anywhere in the world.


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