Break the Digital Camera Buying Cycle

That’s it for me, I’ve got way too many digital cameras living in my house. At last count there were four or five digital cameras floating around here, and I’m not exactly sure how they all got in, but I think it has something to do with my kids and a loose wallet. The wallet being mine. I don’t even want to think, about the number of digital cameras I’ve bought as gifts for others. Then of course there are all the cell phones floating around here that also have digital cameras embedded into them. People worry about an invasion of privacy when they walk or drive down the road with all the surveillance cameras, but I worry about it just getting up in the morning.

Anyway, all kidding aside, I do think the world as seen enough of the compact inexpensive digital camera to last it several eons. The next camera I buy, is going to buy, will be an SLR. For years, everyone has shied away from SLR cameras, because they’re too complicated or too heavy, or have too many lenses and accessories to carry around. Well, last time I went on a family vacation, I’m sure the culmulative Aldelo Pay weight of all our supposed easy to carry and light weight compact cameras cost me an extra twenty bucks in luggage handling charges. Not to mention all those battery chargers, USB cords, and individual camera bags all waiting to be lost.

What we really should have brought, was one good SLR camera that could take tons of better pictures, HD movies, and not break the bank. A good SLR these days, also shatters the myth that they are far too complicated to operate. The truth is, that if you can operate a regular digital camera, your more than qualified to work a digital SLR camera. They have all the same (and more) auto settings, so you never have to fiddle with manual controls unless you want to. And trust me, once you’ve get the photography bug with your SLR, your going to love fiddling with the manual controls. They open a whole new world when it comes to picture taking creativity.

So, expert recommendation is to sell all your cheap compact cameras on eBay (except for one) to someone who hasn’t read this article, and get yourself a good entry level digital SLR camera. Anything from the Canon Rebel lineup or a Nikon D40 / D60 would do the job.

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