Business Analyst Vs Project Manager

Let’s start with defining what we mean by a Business Analyst and Project Manager. In a nutshell, a Business Analyst’s role is a more analytical role which generally requires a good knowledge of IT systems and looks at quite a low level of detail; where as a Project Manager manages tasks and people rather than delving into the design details of a new system or process PMP certification .

A Business Analyst is someone that’s works on a Project (non-BAU) and is a bridge between the business and IT (Developers or Architects). They elicit requirements from the business users and then seek to communicate these in a way that IT teams can understand using requirements specification documents. They also do any data analysis and design how the system should operate at a functional level e.g. with mock screens.

IT may not always be involved in the role of a BA, but this is generally the case when a new system needs to be designed. BAs that don’t deal with IT teams will generally be involved in some kind of organizational process change or aligning internal departments with the high level business objectives. This is more of a strategic BA role than one aligned with the new development or improvement of IT systems and is in the minority.

A Project Manager is again someone that works in a Project environment and from the name, manages the project from end to end. The project manager agrees project scope with the project board (aka project steering committee) and works to certain milestones and deliverables. They are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Project board on the project status. They are responsible for ensuring that all elements of the project fit together well and that dependencies, risk and issues are managed appropriately.

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