Chocolate Diamond Necklaces – Beautiful And Alluring

One of the more popular jewelry items on the market today is chocolate diamond necklaces. Why? There are a number of reasons why they are so popular, one being that the chocolate coloring that they contain is so rare and unique. There are other reasons, but first let’s gain a little understanding of how they come to beaded necklace wholesale be in the first place.

Real vs. Treated Chocolate Diamond Necklaces

The chocolate coloring in diamonds can be created a couple different ways. One way is that it can be manufactured or synthetically created. This simply means that it isn’t true or real coloring, it is fake. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a diamond that has been artificially colored, it’s just that many individuals are more concerned about having a diamond that is authentic in all aspects. That leads us to the other reason why diamonds might also have the chocolate coloring that they have, which is the fact that they are naturally colored.

The coloring in chocolate diamond necklaces is made possible by the chemical makeup of the diamonds when they are mined. Colored diamonds contain Nitrogen particles which when in there smallest form, emit a hint of yellow coloring. When the diamond contains a high concentration of particles that are spread evenly throughout the stone, there is a deeper and darker coloring. The heaviest concentrations are what cause the brown, or chocolate, color that has become so very popular.

They Are Rare

One of the other reasons why chocolate diamonds are so popular is because they are so very rare when compared to the available selection of colorless diamonds. The percentage of diamonds mined which contain the chocolate coloring is in many cases one percent or less. This is why chocolate diamond jewelry is so hard to come buy in stores, unless of course it is synthetic. Sure you can find tons of colored stones in jewelry items that stores are selling, but chances are they are gemstones and not real diamonds.

If you’ve got a preference for the darker diamond colors such as champagne or chocolate, then you can purchase a number of different jewelry items such as chocolate diamond pendants, necklaces and rings. Items like this typically do not come cheap because of their rarity, so you can expect that chocolate diamond jewelry prices are going to be higher than the prices that are listed for other colored jewelry stones such as gemstones.

Shopping Considerations

When shopping for these chocolate jewelry, regardless of what color or makeup they are, make sure you are shopping at a jewelry store that you are familiar with and trust. This is especially important when purchasing diamonds because you want to be certain you are receiving a high quality, authentic item for the large amount of money that you are spending.

One way that you can ensure that the chocolate diamond necklaces and jewelry are real and of the best quality is by making sure the jeweler you are working with has all of the proper paperwork and certifications for the diamonds they are selling. The paperwork will indicate the location from where the diamonds were mined, and will also indicate whether or not the coloring in the chocolate diamond necklaces is real or synthetic.

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