Christian Sex in Marriage – Discover the Happy Truth About What the Bible Really Says About Sex

The Bible has a lot to reveal about sex, and although it possibly could come as a surprise to many who have never really studied the Christian Scriptures, it is not negative in what it says. Genesis chapters one and two present us to the pioneer couple on earth. God immediately tells this couple, who undoubtedly love one another, to convey their love sexually in order to have children and fill the earth. Adam and Eve were wholly nude together, and unashamed. Here we experience God’s idealistic of Christian marriage, and sexual familiarity within the boundary of loving covenant. They were free of same. No fear at all. Just adoration and delight in one another. Utterly unembarrassed. Here we have an guiltless couple, accepted by God and righteous before Him, loving one another’s defenceless beauty.

Each book of Bible tells an identical story literotica. God protects the wonderment of sexual union from abuse, and totally encourages and endorses fantastic sex in the marriage bed for those committed to one another in the potency of the marriage covenant.

There are some practices sexually that are not endorsed by Scripture, this is accurate, and sexual intimacy is reserved for marriage.

But no where do we ever witness a condemnation of sex as something wrong or unclean.

Beautiful, sexual, intimate, romantic, sexual closeness is not once condemned in Scripture however.

Married couples are told not to abstain from sex for long periods by Paul the Apostle in his letter to the Corinthians. Intimate times together should frequently beautify your Christian marriage.

The Bible even includes an entire book dedicated to celebrating sensual love between two starstruck lovers. Sensual enjoyments such as oral sex are suggested throughout book.

Proverbs too talks about sex in Christian marriage as a life giving fountain, refreshing and renewing.

Christian sex and closeness in marriage ought to be a delight, and an area that man and wife are encouraged to research and revel in. To help Christian couples have the best God has to offer in the sexual domain of marriage, many first-class resources have been produced over the years. Christian instruction regarding sexual positions, romantic tips and sexual techniques, are available very inexpensively over the Internet. Much of what passes for sex advice on the web is pretty unhelpful, but there are a few first-class books and online resources that really work to help Christian marital intimacy.

It is so important to recognise what the Bible genuinely says about sex and Christian love making.

Add to this the sex saturated world of advertising and entertainment we reside in and there is a genuine need for definite, yet candid and liberating, direction respecting sex in a Christian circumstance.

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