Cleaning Lady Or Franchise

You are probably busier than ever and if you are like most individuals, your house is a little worse for wear. House cleaning often times is the last thing on the agenda and a good cleaning service can take the stress and mess out of your life. The question is what kind of service should you choose?

You have two basic choices for getting your house cleaning done, a professional franchise type service or your basic cleaning lady. Businesses like Merry Maids and others have cropped up all over the country and they do make it easy to find someone to do the house cleaning.

Cleaning ladies on the other hand may be a bit harder to find, depending on where you live. Generally speaking your best resource will be your local newspaper or even better word of mouth. But still which is the best one for you to choose?


With a franchise, you have the benefit of an easy to locate service that is backed by great insurance in case of accidents. However, there are other things to consider; for starters, you will likely never negotiate with the people actually doing the house cleaning. Most likely, your contact person will be a manager or other individual from the home office.

You will not be able to garner a personal relationship tarjeta de oferta with your cleaning staff because the crews will rotate and you have no little contact on a personal level with them.

Pricing is also an area of difference between a cleaning lady and a franchise or corporate type service will be in pricing. Each area will have a price and any extras from week to week will likely cost you more money.

Finding the service may be simpler however if something comes up and you need to reschedule a big house cleaning service will be harder to deal with. They have many customers and several crews that they schedule tightly.

Cleaning Lady

With your own private cleaning lady, you will get the personal touch. Where the large house cleaning service only allows discussion between you and a supervisor a cleaning lady will come in your home sit down and talk to you about your needs. This way you will build an actual personal relationship with your cleaner rather than just a business situation.

You know from day to day that spills, accidents and messes happen in diverse places. With a cleaning lady, you should be able to add or trade jobs if you have a need. For instance if your refrigerator needs a good cleaning but the rest of the house is in good shape you should be able to work it out without paying extra.

A cleaning lady can be quite busy, especially if she is really good, however rescheduling should not pose a major problem. Life happens sometimes and scheduling conflicts are a part of that so you will want a house cleaning service that has you covered.

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