Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Trends

Feeling like you just gotta have the latest and greatest jewelry trends this fall? Well, you’ll be happy to know that you can pick them up for just a few bucks. Cubic Zirconia jewelry has taken over the style scene, popping up everywhere from the runway to the pages of major fashion magazines to the workplace, CZ jewelry is all the rage. Here are our top picks:

Crazy Snaps Pop Bracelet – World of Mirth

Bib Necklace – You’re head of the statement necklace, and the bib necklace is a new modern take on this style. CZ jewelry is a great way to pull it off. Typically, the stones are sewn onto a piece of ribbon or fabric, to create a cascade of beautiful sparkle bracelet pop it .

Metallic bangles – During the summer, it was all about thin wire bangles, but for fall and winter, the focus is on wide bracelets that really make a statement. These can be in the form of metal, wood or even plastic. Metallics like gold, bronze and silver are great all season long and can make you party ready in an instant.

A great cocktail ring – We love all cocktail rings – whether they are vintage-inspired or va-va-voomy, you can’t go wrong with CZ jewelry in the form of a great cocktail ring. These pieces are fun to wear day or night and they do a great job at putting the finishing touches on an outfit.

If you’re not sure where to start, take inventory of what’s in your closet. Then make a wish-list of the pieces that you want. Cut out magazine pictures and note celeb style, then get started shopping. Check online for deals and steals with no sales tax. For the best deals, buy in bulk. For example, a CZ jewelry set will get you the most bang for your buck. Wear it together or in pieces for maximum mileage.

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