Custom Metal Art Decorations

Custom metal art decorative accents in homes, hotels, restaurants, cabins, ranches, and yards have become an increasingly popular trend. Western metal art in particular is among the most common uses in old fashioned decorating. In addition, customizing pieces to fit the environment is highly desired so that the surroundings and metal art mesh well together.

If you have ever traveled through Texas and some of the lower Midwestern states, as well as the rest of the Midwest reaching all the way to the most western parts of the United cnc machining company States, you will find that old frontier, western, on-the-range, and southwestern themes of decoration are strongly prevalent. I have become quite content when in these areas, because it allows me to sit back and think and reflect on how societies have progressed beyond these old days, while a large part of me wishes to travel back into time and live like people did in the old days. Perhaps they are feelings like mine that makes custom metal art in the southwestern style so trendy.

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I remember traveling years ago in San Antonio, where I stopped into this hotel/restaurant. It was truly unique in because of its old western theme. The steakhouse that connected to the hotel was very classy, and fancy with all of the custom metal art. The metal art was designed to serve many purposes, not only elegant mirror backdrops for the bar, but also as chandeliers, light fixtures, napkin holders, and glamorous dining tables. I was privileged to have a conversation with the owner, who was an interesting entrepreneur. In our conversation I congratulated him on the classy look of the restaurant. He explained to me that he met an artist by the name of Jerry Kirby, who designs and produces custom metal art by use of a hand torch. He said his craftsmanship is pretty amazing and has never seen such talent with a torch. Jerry was the man behind every piece of custom metal art in the restaurant, and without him the restaurant wouldn’t shine like it does. However, “the downside to this is that the owner of the restaurant explained that the process isn’t exactly cheap, nor can you find bargains on this kind of stuff-if you expect quality like this,” explained the owner.

Finally, I obtained the contact information for the remarkable artist and decided to get in touch with him about some pieces for my ranch. After I put in a call and spoke with Mr. Kirby we worked together to design an outstanding ranch gate. The quote was high, somewhere above two-thousand dollars, but I handed him a deposit and he produced the artwork. The final piece was magnificent. I can’t tell you how proud I am when I drive through the entrance of my ranch, and how impressive it is to my guests. Since that purchase I have bought smaller items, such as a custom metal art fireplace screen with cowboy art, and a fancy chandelier that looks like a wagon wheel, all which are a matching, authentic western theme.

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