Data Visualization Tool: Information as Fast as the Imagination

Imagine the possibilities of an interactive data visualization tool. You can go almost anywhere and see how the data visualization tool is already being used to make information more accessible and interactive for your business and for your clients.

Recently, I had to make travel arrangements online and instead of the usual booking process involving only dates, times, and pricing, I was introduced to a whole new world of convenience that left me a happy customer. After taking care of the logistics of the trip, I came across an interactive airplane seating map that displayed seating availability for my flight using a data visualization tool. All I had to do was drag my mouse over the seat I wanted and it showed me whether or not it was available for me to take top data visualization tools. This was my first interaction with a data visualization tool, and since then my curiosity has been peaked.

It was not long after booking the flight that I was searching for skiing information in Colorado. Another interactive map came up. The data visualization tool allowed me to drag my mouse over the various ski resorts and see the skiing conditions, including snowfall and depth. My imagination began to run wild over the possibilities of the data visualization tool.

Now children researching a report on birth rates in the United States or population information of different states in India can find interactive maps, empowered by a data visualization tool, which allows them to simply drag the mouse over the state to see the information they are looking for. Even businessmen and women or investors searching for financial statements of various companies can consume complex information in a bite size package by viewing charts, graphs, and other visual information with a data visualization tool.

Imagine presenting a marketing report to owners, investors, and the board of directors of your company. You are presenting many levels of complex information to men and women that may not be able to grasp it all unless it is presented in an understandable format. A data visualization tool brings information to life, and allows those to whom you may present to be able to interact with the information.

Many variables exist in marketing and sales reports, including geography, population, ratios of men to women, or one age to another. Is it possible to present all of this complex information in a simple way? Yes. Even the United States government has been able to take advantage of the data visualization tool to provide manageable information to the masses.

Let’s say that you want to show how many bags of potato chips your company sells in the first quarter in the Midwest, specifically in Iowa. You have a graph that displays that information very clearly. What if one of your clients wants to know about Illinois instead of Iowa? All you would have to do is drag your mouse over Illinois and the information would pop up with the data visualization tool. During presentations such as these pages upon pages of information is being compiled to provide helpful information, but the way it is presented may contribute even more to whether or not the information proves helpful. With a data visualization tool, questions are answered and information is presented in simple, helpful, and effective ways. Imagine what it could do for your business.

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