Design Your Company T Shirts Online Today

A great way to advertise a business today is to design a company t shirt. This is a great way to advertise but printing and design costs can be very expensive to a small to medium sized business. Learn how to design a company t shirt online and cut the production costs significantly in doing this online.

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Corporate Image Apparel offers the customer a wide variety of t shirts to use as company t shirts in their inventory. All shirts are 100% cotton and are of the highest quality in the industry as well Comme des Garcons Hoodie . They offer adult, youth and long and short sleeve tees. On their website the customer can watch a video describing the whole process and this video walks them through the entire process and lets them pick their color of shirt, design of the shirt and style and technique used to created the company t shirt.

When designing a t shirt online it gives the customer the flexibility of actually seeing the shirt in the color that they have chosen and the design. This is a huge selling point and can also make a big difference in whether or not the small business will actually purchase shirts online or at all. The ability to design their own shirts at the touch of a mouse is a very rewarding process and can be very rewarding as well because of the financial savings.

When ordering online from Corporate Image Apparel the customer is virtually walked through the process and picks their own design that is standard or they may upload their own image for printing. The company also offers thousands of clip art images to be used on company t shirts as well at no charge to the customer.

Screen printing is now also offered and every order receives personal attention and also come with a money back guarantee on all orders no matter how small or large the order is. A new process called direct to garment is where the company prints the uploaded image directly on to the company t shirt to be purchased from the customer, and as always, these orders are always guaranteed to meet or exceed customers’ satisfactions.

Corporate Image Apparel also has the capability to offer embroidery for all of the company t shirts that are on order. This is a very high quality process and they stand behind their work as they have been in this business for over thirty years with a sparkling reputation throughout the industry.

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