Family Friendly Xbox 360 Games – 5 Family Friendly Xbox 360 Games That Your Whole Family Will Love

The video game industry has taken a fair amount of criticism over the years for its violent content and for the time that the kids waste in front of the tv, isolated from their family. These 5 family friendly xbox 360 games are not only games that you can feel comfortable with your kids playing, but also games that you can enjoy playing with them.

Beautiful Katamari – Rated E for Everyone

For the first time on a non-Playstation console, Beautiful Katamari brings it’s wacky, whimsical game play to the Xbox 360. Beautiful Katamari is a simple, addictive game that is fun for the whole family. The game consists of players rolling a large sticky ball called the katamari around the screen in order to pick up a variety of different items. If you are familiar with previous versions of the game, you will be very familiar with the gameplay, but if you are new to the series you and your family will be in for a treat.

Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action – Rated T for Teen

If you are looking for a change in pace from the many first person shooter games out in the market now you may want to consider Scene it? Lights, Camera, Action. Based on the Scene It? DVD game franchise, this trivia game makes its debut on the Xbox 360. The game comes with unique buzzer controllers to play the game. The game focuses on movie trivia questions and games are filled with movie clips, puzzles and multiple play modes called Party Play and Play Now. Party Play is a casual gaming mode, while Play Now is the more competitive version. While the game may not be as enjoyable for younger children, movie and trivia buffs should love the game. It is a unique game to add to your Xbox 360 collection.

Rock Band – Rated T for Teen

Rock Band is one of the hot releases of the 2007 F95zone Christmas season. Rock Band could be considered four games in one as it allows you to live out your fantasy of being a rock star by playing guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Rock Band consists of some of the hottest rock songs from the past 40 years. The concept of the game is similar to karaoke except it introduces the other pieces of the band into the game as well. The game consists of a guitar controller, drum controlled and microphone making it a bit more expensive then some games. Due to the nature of the game and the music in the game, the game is rated T for Teen. If you and your family are looking to try something new, Rock Band will be a lot of fun. Imagine dad on the lead guitar and mom on vocals, reliving their rock and roll fantasies from the 70’s, being joined by the kids on drums and bass guitar for an evening of family fun. Rock on!

Viva Pinata – Rated E for Everyone

Viva Pinata is a popular animated kids television show, brought to life in a video game. The colorful 3d graphics will blow you away. From the look of the game you may originally think that this is a simple, fun game that only kids would love, but you will soon learn how wrong you are. Viva Pinata is a surprisingly deep strategy game as well. The game will allow you to start with a basic plot of land and grow it into a lively, working ecosystem. There are so many ways to play the game and so many different strategies. You and your family are sure to get hours and hours of entertainment out of this deep game.

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Rated E10+ for Ages 10+

Legos, the complete Star Wars series and video games, what could be a better recipe for fun for the entire family? Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is a game that is fun and easy for the whole family to get into. It is based on all six episodes of the Star Wars series. It allows you to play through each of the six episodes of the Star Wars series by retelling each of the stories in a humorous and unique style with puzzle solving and vehicle based gameplay. You might think that a game based on Lego figures would be purely a kids game. While Lego Star Wars is easy for kids to play, it’s perfect blend of action and humor make it an extremely enjoyable game for adults as well. The game gives you the ability to tear apart different parts of the Lego Star Wars universe and put them back together in true Lego style. It also allows you to play with another person on screen so it is a great game for parents who grew up during the original Star Wars years to play with their kids who have just watched the newer trilogy. If you have yet to play any of the original Lego Star Wars games then this is a must have for your video game library, while veterans of the series should find enough improvements to enjoy this title as well.

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