Fiber Supplements for Weight Loss – Read This Before Taking Any Fiber Supplement!

Fiber is an important component found in vegetables, fruits and grains and has a significant function in regulating and maintaining weight. It is a kind of carbohydrate that is indigestible that is used as a bulking agent in our digestive tract to push waste materials from the body. This is an essential process to prevent constipation and diverticulosis that can be harmful to our large intestine and colon.

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Consuming adequate amounts of fiber can help lower cholesterol, avoid the risk of diabetes, help prevent heart disease, control blood sugar, and reduce the risk of cancer Okinawa Flat belly drink . Fiber can also help you feel full much longer, therefore aiding in weight loss.

The best way to supply your body with fiber is by getting it naturally from the whole foods in your diet. Foods rich in dietary fiber are fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, and nuts. However, most people find it hard to eat the recommended 25-38 grams of fiber daily.

Although fiber is present in many foods, there are now various fiber supplements available that you can easily and conveniently take. Many people don’t get enough of the dietary fiber in their diet anyway so it’s a good alternative to take fiber supplements to give them their recommended daily allowance.

Fiber as a supplement comes in different forms like tablets, pills, powders, wafers, and fiber-enriched foods. Fiber is easier to consume when taken in supplement form and they are safe as long as you follow the dosage directions. The active ingredients in many supplements are wheat dextrin, inulin, psyllium husk, and methylcellulose.

Dietary fiber also promotes proper digestion and movement of the bowel in our body. They are as vital as other minerals and nutrients that our body needs. Fiber supplements or a diet high in fiber are commonly used to treat or prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, diabetes, heart disease, and gastrointestinal problems. Recently, it has also been proven to aid in weight loss. You add more fiber to your diet slowly to prevent bloating or gas and giving your body time to adjust to the changes. Drink plenty of liquids too while increasing your fiber intake.

Several fiber supplements for weight loss are available in pill, capsule, or powder form. You can buy them with or without a prescription, but it is recommended to have your doctor’s advice first before taking these supplements. You can choose from a wide variety of fiber supplements that will suit your needs. You have to decide first what form you prefer to take then start with smaller doses first to determine if you will experience any side effects or not.

What a subject, sure to ruffle some feathers! Most respected fitness, exercise, bodybuilder and nutrition experts have one thing in common, they disagree with each other on the subject. Are supplements worthwhile, useful or even necessary at all. Some think that as long as you follow a healthy diet, vitamins and other healthy supplements are not necessary. Others see vitamins and the like as kind of an insurance policy for your health. And then there are the advocates of mega-vitamin supplementation.

My personal “opinion”, “attitude”, and “research” on this subject is that a healthy diet is always number #1 before any supplementation should be considered. And, your training program “intensity” can play a major role in your decision. Speaking from a personal point of view after 37 years of research, study, self experimentation on myself as well as clients and my personal need to “find the most effective” way to build muscle that will last a life-time have brought me to this conclusion. I do believe that at certain times in a person’s life-cycle, supplements can have considerable value to their overall health and well being. In fact, supplements are now taking the place of drugs in medical therapy and sometimes with greater effectiveness. But I have to be careful of how I say this because I don’t want to mislead you. Many “supplement-hucksters” are making claims that their “steroid replacers” are as effective as drugs (steroids) and that is not true. The product may help or it may not, it depends on many factors. The one point I want to make clear is that NO legal supplement will produce the same results as a DRUG or steroid. But… remember every drug has a know or unknown reaction to the body that is unhealthy. Even aspirin can upset and eventually cause damage to the stomach.!

Sure, some “nutraceauticals” are finding their place in medical circles. Niacin, Tryptophan and other amino acids as well as select herbal supplements and minerals are being prescribed. It’s also true that if your diet is not in order and you are deficient in some essential vitamin or mineral, the right supplement will produce and amazing change in your health. It has in mine. But again, I want to remind you that some of the marketing and down-right lies surrounding the supplement advertising make it confusing, hard to understand and costly for the average person.

However, there are a few basic benefits that almost everyone will experience with some of the old tried-and-true products. Sometimes the benefits cannot be felt as immediate as a drug but the health benefit is there if the supplement is natural and helping to build the body in a “healthy” process.

I am moderate in my supplementation and have experimented with a LOT of supplements throughout my training career. I follow a healthy diet that has changed in the ratio of macro and micro nutrients as I age, and that is the way it should be. A person’s ability to assimilate and digest certain foods change as they age. I’ve experienced some amazing changes in my muscle building and strength performance with the use of specific healthy supplements. I’ve seen measurable increases in strength, muscle mass, muscle tone and recuperation time when I use specific supplements.

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