Game Makers, Game Players and Game Theory; Abstract Thoughts

Have you ever considered Game Theory in its entirety? Surely you like to think about game theory; I think game theory is fun too, in fact I enjoy it in a business sense a lot. It is used so often in so many venues, endeavors and industries. Some say humans are not predictable and therefore we can never create Artificial Intelligent Robotic Androids to be like them. I disagree because, I think humans are predictable really and we can in fact make assistants that we be similar in nearly every regard.

I also enjoy subject around the “prisoners dilemma” and such as well. But what is so funny about all that is the most predictable are not even the prisoners, but rather girl gamers the guards who put the game forth, because it is always the same. That is an ironic thought indeed.

In fact if you look at current politics of Iran’s President the mirroring rhetoric, then the State Department can actually know what he will do, based on way he uses game theory to his advantage. Therefore some times the studier of the game, USA, indeed has an advantage over all the game players.

So, if you are studying game theory from outside the game you will find that the those who rule the game are actually as predictable or more predictable than those who choose to play the game you see? And someone who chooses not to play until the game players and game keepers are completed is the only guaranteed winner.

So think of game theory as a game within game, within a game, within a game, which all
comes back around to those who are not in play. Abstract I know, but if you are going to study the game, be sure you are in fact studying the Real Game! Watch the players, but also watch the gamekeepers, as they will make a mistake now and again.

Here another thought; Think of tick tac toe, with an artificial intelligent pre-programmed machine, you can never win, only hope to tie, until one day you are so tired, you mess up and the game wins. But if humans always play both sides then a human will make a mistake eventually.

In this case it does not make sense to be a game player, but rather a game maker or better yet a game observer, as it all happens for you because the observer is indeed a character too? Ha Ha Ha. Consider this in 2006 and the potential eventuality of a game within a game within a game.

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