GoDaddy Domain Parking Review – A Guaranteed Source of Extra Income

GoDaddy is known worldwide for being the world’s largest domain registration company. Whether you have one domain or a growing portfolio, domain parking will turn your domains to register a lot of money. With the increased number of people engaged in Internet business, greater revenue sources are available and that is why GoDaddy has created a platform where you can earn money through parked domains.

With GoDaddy domain parking you are charged a small fee for the domain names you have registered. After you have registered your domain name or names, here is how you can make a lot of cash GoDaddy email login . Each time someone clicks on advertising that generates revenue on your parked pages, you will share the revenue with GoDaddy. The more the people visiting your parked domains, the more the money you make.

Most domain parking companies make it difficult and confusing to figure out what your revenue share will be, but not GoDaddy. The company assists to help you know how much money you are making through a simple process – you simply pick the cash parking plan that’s right for you, add your domains to the cash parking portfolio and get ready to share in parked revenues.

There are basically two plans to choose from: the basic plan and the premium plan. With the basic plan you will earn up to 60% of the advertising revenue on your packed domains. This will make you save 10% of your cash for either 12 or 24 months. With the premium plan you will earn 80% of the advertising revenue on your parked domains. Here you will save up to 20% of your cash from 12 to 24 months. It is very hard to earn money from a domain name via domain cash parking if you only get a few visitors. To ensure a higher chance of success, you can shop around for a popular and expired domain name that has reasonable web traffic. With this trick you will not stay for a long time without frequent visitors.

Lastly you can find various domain parking coupons online. You just have to look for the best offer from various sites. The coupons could cover registrations of new domain names and domain parking offers. One should keep in mind that these coupons expire within a period of time. For this reason, it is advisable to take advantage of any available offers as quickly as possible.

This article will teach you how to transfer a Google registered domain to GoDaddy. I found it extremely frustrating that there are no decent instructions out there about how to transfer a domain you registered with Google (most likely when you signed up for a Blogger account) over to another Registrar. This process takes a few steps and will more than likely take you a couple days to finish, but stay with me and we’ll get through it together.

The first thing you will need to do is have an account at a registrar where you want your Google domain to be transferred to. I’ve been using forever, and I’ve never had any issues with them, so if I can highly recommend them for your domain registering needs. Normally it only costs $7.00 to transfer a domain name, and you get an additional year of registration for free.

Now that you have your account set up there, log in and go to the top “Domains” dropdown tab and select “Transfer Domains to GoDaddy”. Type the domain name you wish to transfer from Google in the box and select “Go”. If the domain name is available for transfer, click “Proceed to Checkout”. Continue through the checkout process and pay for the transfer. You will receive several emails from GD, one of which will contain transfer codes for your domain, so don’t trash these!

In the next step, you have to get into it with the nice folks over at Google. When you buy a domain name through the big “G”, your domain name is actually being hosted by or (Yeah, go figure), but for some reason it’s extremely difficult to get access to your own domain name.

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