GoDaddy Microsoft Exchange Hosting – Providing Critical Info Instantly and Cost Effectively

GoDaddy Microsoft Exchange hosting saw the coming together of two giants to offer a trail-blazing service in 2008. As would be expected, the service that resulted was revolutionary. Aimed at the Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs), this wonder product was meant to reduce the cost of operations and improve productivity. With time, the service has proved useful not only to small enterprises but also to individuals and large corporations.

GoDaddy Microsoft Exchange hosting was meant to improve general performance by bringing data from various sources and devices, synchronizing it and delivering it to various users instantly. Some of the critical information that the hosted exchange makes instantly available include all the contacts in an organization f95zone . The full directory of the company is held in a central location and anytime somebody needs to contact anyone in the directory, all that he or she will need to do is download the contact using the various versions of Microsoft Outlook or Entourage 2008.

In addition, GoDaddy Microsoft Exchange hosting enables users to share calendars and documents. All exchanges are conducted in real time and the user is able to view various documents and calendars at the same time godaddy email . This is especially ideal for scheduling meetings. By use of GoDaddy’s SharePoint Document Management, users save files from MS Office 2007 to the exchange. This provides a back up for the documents as well as making them quickly accessible to users. Apart from internal staff, these documents can be shared with customers.

Perhaps the real beauty of this hosting program is that it does not require any new equipment to install. There are three plans available targeting users at different levels. The most basic plan is the Individual Mailbox package which targets individual users or members of a family. This package provides 2 GB storage, 1 mailbox and, once installed, enables mobile access to data by the individual or family members. The second plan is the Individual Plus Blackberry plan which also provides storage of 2 GB, and 1 mailbox. As the name suggests, users of this package have access to info using email as well as other mobile devices. Finally, there is what is known as Group Plans which come with 5 mailboxes and 20 GB storage. For all the plans, there are not set up fees. Moreover, while the monthly charges are quite modest, there are discounts available for purchases covering longer periods such as two to three years.

Have you ever started doing something in earnest and then reached a point where you just want to take a break and make the right decision? Well, that is what the feature in GoDaddy domain parking seeks to solve. Sometimes you may buy a domain name simply because you were thinking that someone else will come and grab that name. You might also have rushed to register a name thinking that you are on the right path, but then you realize that domain registration is the simple part and that setting up a working website is the hard part.

Domain parking is the process of making your domain live, but not putting in content that relates to you. It is GoDaddy which determines which content shall be there.

Search engines usually prioritize the age of the domain when ranking pages on search results. Apart from that, they also base there ranking on the length of time that the website has been live. Parking your domain name makes it live and therefore friendlier to search engines compared to those that are not live.

Although this is not the ideal “fresh content that internet users desire, the content on your website as a result of GoDaddy domain parking usually changes and therefore gives the impression that your site is not dead. This way, you have the benefit of ranking highly with search engines the moment you start feeding the website with plenty of unique ad original content.

Email marketing is a very lucrative aspect of online marketing. Many people call it THE most important aspect of your website and marketing. I agree with this and believe that establishing an email list and putting it on your website should be step number one every time you setup a new website.

Without an email list, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table because at the very least with an email list in place you have A CHANCE of remaining in contact with a one time visitor who would otherwise never come back to your site. After you get signed up with AWeber, the first thing which you should go about doing is setting up an autoresponder.

Your autoresponder is a completely optional aspect of your email list, but it’s extremely important that you include it in my opinion. The idea is that you define your new subscriber’s problem at the beginning of the autoresponder series. Technically you define the problem on your email sign up box and offer your email list as the solution, giving your site’s visitors incentive to sign up for your list.

The idea of the autoresponder is that new subscribers go through a series of emails which are meant to address and help your subscriber with a problem and with each or most of the autoresponder emails, there are offers blended in with your good content designed to help that subscriber with their problem.

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