Great Tips on How to Cool Your Place Without Air Conditioning

A lot of individuals want to lessen their bills, especially the electricity. Apart from that, this can also be a big help to Mother Nature.

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When you are determined to minimize your energy consumption, you are actually saving yourself from a big amount of money from your energy bills. Aside from that, you are also saving the environment from all possible destruction. The use of energy is equivalent to the production of one of the harmful gases which is the carbon dioxide. Once this is released to the air, its concentration rate shoots up and it could probably result to a phenomenon which is commonly known as the greenhouse effect opticlimate . Thus, global warming is expected to increase and the society will be experiencing tremendous heat in the atmosphere.

Everyone must learn to cooperate in the consumption of energy. And one way of doing this is to lessen or even eliminate the use of air conditioning in your house. But then the question of why begin with this kind of appliances and how you are going to cool your house without them arise. Well, as go over this article all your queries will be answered.

Energy consumption in houses is usually attributed to satisfy your heating and cooling needs. Since seasons are expected to change erratically, people look for ways on how they can get the right temperature in their houses. Hence, most homeowners install HVAC systems to be able to get the desired coolness inside their place.

When summer comes, temperature is expected to shoot up. It will sure become hot. This can get inside your rooms and other parts of your house. Usually, to cool the area, you need to turn on the air conditioner and set up in a coolest level. Once you turned it to a higher level, you are using more energy and this only means your electric bill will be more expensive.

If you happen to be one of those homeowners, who wish to know how to minimize the use of air conditioner but still retains the coolness in the house, try to consider some of these suggestions:

o Once you set your air conditioner to function for a number of hours and when the desired coolness is achieved, you can now turn it off. To allow the cool air to circulate, make use of electric fans and ceiling fans. It is also advisable to add solar attic fans since this can aid in reducing electricity by making your attics cooler.

o The cool air from the air conditioner will not stay longer if your place has a lot of openings. Make sure that your room is properly closed and this means all your windows and other openings must be sealed. If other rooms are not used, you can close them so that the air will not be divided into the empty space.

This improvement is always better for greenhouse gases being released into the environment and is probably going to be better on your pocketbook. In a warm climate where the air conditioner runs most of the months out of a year it would pay for itself in energy savings over a period of years. Be sure to replace the outdoor condensing unit and indoor evaporator or you may loose some of the benefits.

Maintenance is always important in keeping your unit running at optimum efficiency. Making sure to change the filter and clean the coils will help ensure your unit lasts. Proper operation is important also, keeping windows, and doors closed will make a big difference along with proper insulation. Other common problems that could cause your efficiency to drop would be freon leaks or electrical failure. Your Certified HVAC technician can evaluate your system and pinpoint the problems. They can also calculate the size and other variables to help you with what size unit you need for your place.

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