Hotels Hong Kong – Helping Hand to the Economy of the Territory

Hong Kong commonly, called ‘the city of contrast’ or ‘the best city of Asia’ has been the favorite destination among the tourist in Asia. The tourism industry has been an important part of the Hong Kong’s economy. The individual Visit Scheme was introduced in 2003 and thus, increased the Chinese 到會 tourist to the mainland. Various steps have been taken for the promotion of Hong Kong as Asia’s premier international city for all its visitors. All these increased the tourism and gave the foothold to several hotels Hong kong. There are many world class hotels that provide superb facilities and comfort to its visitors. There are hotels that cater the need of the entire tourist community on the basis of their budget and needs. The rent of the room may vary from $100- $600 per day.

Some Discount hotels in Hong Kong charges less than $100. The best thing about them is that many of them are located around some attraction or tourist spot and they provide all the basic need of visitors in an affordable range. The people who are looking for some dry, warm and sunny weather should visit Hong Kong during the month of October to December. January to march is the time recommended for the visitors opting for cooler months.

There are many world class luxurious hotels in Hong Kong, whose room rental lies in the range of $700-$1000 or more per day for standard rooms. They offer excellent cuisines consisting of fresh seafood, night tours, sightseeing, airport transfer services and various types of indoor facilities such as bars, pools, restaurants, fitness centre, spa, massage treatments and gardens along with several room facilities like internet access, television, massage showerhead, mini bars etc…

Macau, the most densely populated country, is connected to China and the southern islands of taipa. The Macau temples are not distinctive in style, but instead considered as suburban temple. Such temples are neither seen in China nor in Hong Kong. The number of visitors increased to 23 % from last years. Visitor to Hong Kong can enjoy some attractive destinations by hiring a fairy that runs between Hong Kong and Macau and takes only an hour. Helicopters also serve the purpose in fifteen minutes. There are many hotels in Macau that cater the need of tourist by providing them the world class facilities. Macau hotels cater the need of both luxurious and budgeted travelers. Many top class tourist attractions such as verdant landscape, historical and cultural attractions, gorgeous gardens, clean streets act as a strong partisan for these hotels.

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