How to Create a One-Stop Shop Logo Design for Your Local Store

Are you opening a new shop in your neighborhood where fifty others exist already?

How will you get the customers to stop and take notice 觀塘辦公室 of your shop out of so many?

You can do that through your shop’s logo.

Take a distinct feature that you offer and use that as an inspiration for your shop logo design.

Does your store offer a one-stop service to its customers?

Then use to create your brand mark.

What images should you use?

Use images that are big, bold and easy to understand. For example, you can craft the words ‘stop’ like a stop sign and place the business name around it. That way the design will look big, eye catching and will be compact at the same time. You can also use the traffic signal design as your inspiration and craft the symbol accordingly. You can also use an image of an open palmed hand with the company name inside the palm or beside it.

What fonts should you use?

The main aim of your business symbol is so that the customer can take one look at it and remember it for a long time. So make sure that the type face you use is straight and bold so that it is easier for the customer to understand it. Straight fonts also have the tendency to look formal and professional and they show that they mean business.

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