How To Start A Blog And Make Money

You have seen it in movies and on TV and in the news: people selling their blogs, making them into books, making them into movies, and in general just making money off the internet through blogging. And now you are interested too! This article will give you the real lowdown on how to make money blogging

First, it is important to understand that all internet marketing systems follow three simple steps.

  1. Find a product to sell
  2. Create your web presence (e.g. blog)
  3. Drive web site traffic to your online site or presence

Just about every internet marketing model follows these three steps . Granted there are many ways to follow these three steps, but knowing from the start that these are the three steps to accomplish helps you keep the big picture in mind as you put your head down to start your online business.

Now when it comes to making money blogging, there are two ways general ways to do it: sell a niche product (e.g. dog training ebook) or sell yourself as a product. In either case you are starting a blog to be your online presence. If you are selling a niche type product we would call that a Niche Blog or Product Blog. If you are selling yourself, then we would call that a Personal Blog. Both blogging models can fit right into the above three step system

Personal Blog. Here is how your three steps would pan out:

  1. Find something to blog about. This could be a specific niche (e.g. dog training), or it could be many different niches: whatever you want to express your opinion about. One day it could be about various high definition TVs, the next day it could be about baby
  2. Write your blog post. Writing blog posts consistently, say every 4 to 7 days, will build up a great web presence
  3. Drive traffic to your blog. You could have the best blog in the world, but people need to know how to find it. This involves the art of backlink building. There are many ways to build backlinks and you want to utilize a wide variety of them.

For a business to have a successful blog, and use it as a marketing tool, it must provide quality content. Combining promotions and public relations is the key to making consumers want to read the blog. A company must make their readers feel that they are benefiting from what they read while simultaneously ensuring that the readers are not bored by forceful advertisements. There are countless ways to use a blog as a marketing tool. A few of the common ways a business could use a blog would be; to share sale and discount information where consumers would expect to find money saving tips, to link blog posts about new products to an online catalog or store, to offer tips, advice, and answer consumers questions about the use of products, to hold a contest or give away a free gift, people love to receive items for free, or to include a link or button to allow people to share the information with their friends in social networking sites.

For the people who think having a blog is not right for their business or may seem like a lot of work, this article should illustrate how beneficial having a blog can be for any business. Blogging on a daily basis and sharing data within a global market can increase sales for a business and be called knowledgeable in its industry. It is always good business practice to stay knowledgeable about new technologies, marketing strategies, and effective ways to promote a business.

Blogs are a vital component of any professional service firm’s business development and social media marketing; yet so many fail to have one or to use it to anything like good effect!

Social media marketing is all about establishing trust and building relationships; a blog has a central role in this process; it’s also where the business gets done.

If you use your blog well you can make great progress, use it badly, or not at all,and a great opportunity is lost.

So what should you be thinking about?

The key question we will therefore address is this: Is having a blog central to a social media plan and if so how should it be used?

Something that is often missed or passed over by many commentators when talking about the effective use of social media is the importance of your own website or blog in the context of your social media activities. Indeed listening to some all you need to do is have a Facebook account!

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