How to Write Flash Games – A Guide to Flash Game Development

Flash games have become more and more popular in recent years. While the demand for new games continues to increase, the number of developers seems to remain comparatively static. The reason for that might be that developing Flash games requires such a diverse range of skills.

Of course, to make Flash games a competence in Flash is required, but that alone is not enough. A good Flash games developer needs programming skills, graphical skills, audio skills, not to mention a good analytical mind, a methodical way of working through problems, and the patience to see a project through to completion F95zone . Here is a rough outline of how a single developer might tackle the problem of writing a Flash game from scratch.

Planning and design

Games are complex pieces of software. Even a small puzzle game written in Flash is likely to include several main screens or game states, multiple movieclips which may be nested (giving multiple timelines), one or more actionscipt files and possibly actionscript on the timeline, graphical elements either drawn in Flash or embedded in either bitmap or vector formats, and audio files.

With so many elements, sitting down at a computer with Flash open and starting to code is very unlikely to produce a satisfactory result. Whenever I start to write a new game I first start with a pen and paper, initially with a description of how I’ll go about writing the game, then with lists of game starts and main functionality, then with list of assets required. Only then, once I have a good idea of how the game will be written can I start to collate assets, and begin to write the game.


Once a design has been drafted, the next step is to write a mock-up game in Flash. The idea of this stage is to write the code in Flash for the game to be functional, without worrying too much about how the game looks. I often use place holder graphics at this stage, which will later be swapped with graphics produced by an artist, and unless it is integral to the game I leave the audio out entirely.

Video games are huge, and there are millions of gamers, young and old, male and female all over the world. And there are so many ways to indulge one’s gaming passions – Consoles like the PS3 , Wii and Xbox 360 , games designed for the PC and even online gaming and gaming competitions.

Whatever kind of games you prefer to play, they all tend to have one thing in common – gaming can be an expensive business. The average new console title costs $40-$70 with the hot PC titles rarely coming in for under $20. Even a membership to MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) can cost $20 a month and up.

There are plenty of ways to save money and indulge your passion for gaming though. Here are just a few;
Console Games: A new title for the popular console gaming systems can cost a much as $80. But what happens when you have mastered that expensive game? Most of them end up sitting on a shelf gathering dust. Renting the latest titles instead of buying them can be a far more economical alternative. There are several online game rental services that allow you to keep a game out for as long as you like – for a small monthly charge – and then return it for your next challenge when you have mastered it. If a game particularly appeals to you and you decide you do want to own it you can usually purchase the copy you have rented at a greatly discounted price.

Another great way to save on console games is to join a game swapping site. Users sign up and trade games they are done with other gamers who have the games they wanted to play available. There are several very reputable and well regulated game swap sites whose members usually end up paying just a few dollars for some great new gaming options.

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