Investor Relations – How to Gain Shareholders Through Your Website

Small companies traded on the OTCBB, Pink Sheets, NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE are already facing an uphill battle with increasing regulation and a difficult economy. Your small company does not have to surrender to the push and pull of circumstances. You can take control of your business by starting with your website.

Your website is one of the first places that investors look when they find out about your company. More importantly, how do they find out about your company in the first place?

Most small companies are found through news releases they have submitted through the news wires. Once investors read a piece of news they find interesting, they will look for fundamental data but in nearly all cases will make their way to the company’s website Sherry Dyson . Based on my research, the only way your company is likely to be found is through the news releases you have disseminated over the last few months. In other words, your company is not getting “found” through any other means. 

In recent years Bloggers have become an important source and tool to both online and off-line media publications. Many bloggers publish new posts on their blogs daily, and the time it takes from something happening in the world, to a blogger publishing their post on their blog is a matter of hours. With media receiving reports on particular new stories current established bloggers, all content writer need to understand that blogging and mainstream media are developing into firm partners for future reports on news stories.

When news sites and newspapers are interested in news releases from large corporations, such as online Google or Yahoo, then they are more likely to visit the respective company’s online blog to see what is happening towards certain product or software releases. RSS feeds have become in recent years a useful tool for being informed about a topic or area that a blog is writing about quickly and continuously – it has been a tool for many traditional newspapers and news channels to utilise and get information on what is currently developing or happening at large online companies.

If you are wanting to get information on a certain company, the main task nowadays would be to take a look at their website, and whilst you are there take a quick look at the company’s online blog. Many people subscribe to a company’s online blog’s RSS feed, as they can stay updated with announcements, product launches and financial information about the actual company they are interested in. By using RSS, bloggers have become aware of how fast information can be identified and the processed at a high speed – just from hearing about the information first. After a blog post is published onto a company’s blog site, it is only a matter of a few hours before an a-list, or popular blogger has read the story and has written a post on their blog about what they have just read – generally they will link to the story and the readers of their blog and other search engine visitors will read the source where the blogger received their information.

With bloggers becoming fast acting on recent news being produced, the blogosphere has become a leading source for breaking news on a wide range of topics, and are publishing stories more than five times faster than any newspaper or news channel.

Some critics do refuse to accept that blogs are coming into the light of main stream media and becoming a key content media in the twenty first century, but many large corporations, including Forbes and many other legal organisations have identified that their company blogs do produce any news story faster than more traditional news media methods that so many people use.

Blogs have recently become huge sources for many people throughout the world to become informed about new and interesting topics, as well as learn about breaking news that is happening on the other side of the world – this can be a matter of hours since the first event occurred instead of the usual 6-12 hours that normal media take to report on a new story. This brings people to talk openly about news stories and establishes media blogging communities.

The question of why blogs are increasingly becoming common in social media has answers that readers are able to, and are increasingly surprised/happy that they are able to interact with the writer and editor (owner) of the article or blog post. Waiting until you read a news story in the paper is quickly becoming a factor of the past, and people are becoming impatient, waiting for the news to appear in their front doorstep the morning after.

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