Maca Root for Male Sexual Enhancement

Maca root powder is a substance that has become increasingly popular over the last several years primarily for its energy enhancing properties. It has also been extensively used in male and female sexual enhancement products. But is it really all that its proponents make it out to be?

Maca is a small shrub which is grown commercially in the Junin Plateau located in the Central Highlands of Peru at an altitude above 12,000 feet. Maca produces a root similar to a radish or a turnip. The root of Maca is the part that contains the botanical compounds which give it its amazing properties Maca. It is dried and stored and can maintain its properties and potency for several years.

The dried root of the Maca Plant has traditionally been used by Peruvians as a general physical and mental tonic to increase mental acuteness and physical stamina. But it’s most popular usage has been to increase both male and female libido as well as increasing fertility in men. It has been shown to increase both semen volume and sperm count as well as sperm motility.

It is for these reasons that Maca has been gaining in usage and popularity in the western world. Maca root powder is a common ingredient in many supplements, and specifically ones designed to increase sexual energy and potency. It has the action of an adaptogen which means that it balances the hormones of the body. Research shows it contains the substance p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate which reportedly has aphrodisiac properties.

However Maca is not limited to the increasing of libido. It has great health benefits for those that are run down or may be experiencing general fatigue due to the misalignment of hormones. It also aids those with a general nutritional deficiency as it is high in nutritional value. Maca Root can also be of assistance to those whose immune system is not in good condition.

Maca root has also been used for specific medicinal purposes. It has been used to help treat medical conditions such as stomach cancer, bronchitis and arthritis. Because of its hormone-balancing properties it has also been useful to women going through menopause or suffering the symptoms of PMT. Because it is also a mental tonic it can be used as an aid to study or work requiring heavy concentration such as programming.

Because of the popularity of Maca Root Powder there has been an increase in the supply of inferior grade Maca, by those unscrupulous persons trying to cash in on the increased demand. So, when purchasing Maca you do need to do your homework.

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