Major Acne Problem May Raise Suicide Risk

It is a common belief among many of us that acne is just a skin disorder and affects only people who are in their teens. But what they don’t know is a large group of adults also experience this skin problem which is called adult acne. This skin condition may be due to hormonal changes, diet, and stress or a combination of all the three factors. It also causes major dermatological changes in the adult’s skin as they age.

Research studies indicate that major acne problem may raise suicide risk among adults suffering from acne. Acne is implicated in physical and psychological processes more than most other skin conditions. The psychological effects of acne are quite difficult to diagnose because of the misconceptions that normally surround them. Now-a days, due to the continued research on the psychological issues of acne, more care is driven on that aspect of adult acne.

The Physical Aspects of Acne on Adults:

Dermatologists say that acne can leave behind permanent scars. The physical effects of acne will be more serious than the acne one gets in their adult stages. This is due to the fact that, as one tends to become older their skin loses collagen and makes it harder for the skin to repair the broken tissues. Finally, it could leave permanent scars and blemishes that can lead to physical and emotional and even social effects on individuals who are suffering from it.

The physical appearance of adult acne may vary widely. Sometimes it is confined to only comedones, which are often called whiteheads and blackheads and exist only on the skin surface. But acne in adults can also include deeper lesions like cysts and nodules that usually lie beneath the surface of the skin.

Deeper skin lesions tend to be more painful and sometimes filled with pus. Adults often feel very awkward when having acne. Since the flare-ups of acne in adults 暗瘡療程 are not predictable, it is quite often very difficult to control the situation. So, because of the causes and effects that it has on adults, the research on acne skin conditions in adults has increased tremendously during the recent years.

The Psychological Aspects of Acne on Adults:

The psychological effects that acne has on adults are more serious as well as very difficult to deal with. This is because; the present condition of adults may make them resistant to drugs and treatments or the social stigma is greater for them. The several aspects of the acne like the distribution of spots on the skin, social pressures, age and misconceptions contribute to the psychological effects of acne in adults.

These psychological issues should be controlled in the initial stage itself or otherwise it may lead to some untoward complications. This is because; psychological problems may increase the production of unwanted toxic materials as well as increase the secretion of other hormones.

A research done published by Dermatology Online Journal claims that around 30 percent of the people suffering from adult acne believe that it was caused by poor hygiene habits and this led to the feeling of embarrassment, shame and guilt.

Research studies have shown that the psychological effects of acne in adults can lead to anxiety, depression, inferiority complex, hesitation, body image, social anxiety, manifest their anger inward/outward, eating disorders, frustration, feeling of inadequacy as well as suicidal tendencies. This is due to the effect of acne that makes them feel ugly and gives them an undesirable external appearance. The self-confidence of an adult may reduce considerably when faced with adult acne.

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