No Deposit Bonuses – Why?

To play at online casinos is fun, and even more so if it’s not your money at stake. And online casino operators understand that. Free play time, free money that you cash out, free enjoyment. Who wouldn’t want that? I personally don’t mind the gesture, thank you, and why not? Presents don’t usually come my way, they usually go away from me. So, if this gift, on top of the enjoyment and quality playtime it might bring, can also win me some cash, well, then, the pleasure was and is all mine. Besides, who knows? I might just deposit in the casino that awarded me that little treat of a win. So yes, no deposit bonuses are great free gifts from casinos. Just love them!

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Furthermore, no deposit bonuses, are a great way to try out a casino and its games, and the other great thing about them, is that you do not have to deposit to take advantage of them Add to that the fact that you have the possibility to win free money without having to part with yours and the equation seems now pretty complete and extremely simple. Get in there, grab that bonus and enjoy yourself.

To redeem these bonuses you will have to create a real money account since they are credited into it upon registration. Another advice would be to take time to browse the web for these no deposit bonuses (a good start would be right below this text), without ever forgetting to check the reputation of a casino and its terms and conditions, and, for sure, you will come across some really nice no deposit offers.

Also, lately, the trend has been to award players, not with a “no deposit bonus”, but rather with a large amount of cash or chips, as they are also known (that will have to be wagered within an hour) or even a certain amount of free spins credited to you by the casino. Any amount won, usually gets transferred to your real money account (minus bonus + terms and conditions apply) and is released upon your first deposit. Again, those are a great way to test specific games and the casino’s support service. The latter being of equally crucial importance!

However, there is a twist in the tail, as “no deposit bonuses” come with wagering requirements that are usually much higher than those of free bonuses upon deposits – we have seen wagering requirements of up to 99 times the amount of the bonus, when a more reasonable Wagering requirement shouldn’t surpass a rollover of 40 times the bonus. You will usually be required to wager the bonus a certain amount of times in order to be able to cash out. Besides, the payouts are limited to fairly low amounts. This is because, when playing with no deposit bonuses, you are actually playing with the casino’s money, and it is real money you are playing with. The bonus will in general be deducted from the total won. You are therefore advised to carefully check the terms and conditions attached to this type of bonuses. The same remains valid for the free spins and the cash and chips to be played within the hour.

Within the past year, we have noticed a tendency from online operators to bundle casinos. What does that mean? It means, in a way, that your actions in a casino pertaining to a certain group of casinos will be mirrored in the casinos representing the rest of the group. In other words, some casinos will not award you the “no deposit bonus”, even though you never claimed it in that particular casino, simply because you took advantage of the offer in another sister casino belonging to the same group. So be not surprised, if you come across this scenario. This might be I suspect, because these groups possess casinos that are powered by the same software, thus the games tend to be the same, from one casino to the next, rendering the exercise irrelevant in their eyes I guess, for you to test the same game over from one casino to the next. It simply gives more chances to the player to come away with a win. Not a very viable option, if you are an online casino operator!

Internet Bingo has experienced huge growth in recent years and is still growing at very nice rates today. Some bingo players are now looking to expand into more traditional casino games. While some Internet Bingo sites offer other games like Keno and Video Poker, very few offer a full online casino.

If you wish to play more traditional casino games like Blackjack, Craps, 3 Card Poker or even a large selection of online slots you will need to open an account at a more traditional online casino. Many bingo players also really enjoy slots and some casinos offer huge progressive jackpots that you will not find a at standard bingo site. These progressive jackpots reach over $1 million on many occasions.

The amount of time the casino has been in business is a major factor to consider when choosing an online casino. If the casino has been in business for several years it is a testament to their reliability and trustworthiness. If a casino is in business for a few years chances are they treat their customers well and pay on time. Rouge casinos that just take player deposits and never pay do make it very long and close their doors quickly. We can thank the Internet for this and the extremely easy and fast way of providing updates for bad casinos.

Another consideration when you are choosing an online casino to play at is the bonus offered. Be sure to examine the bonus offered for signing up as a new player. You find bonuses ranging from a 300% match casino bonus all the way down to a mere 25%. Be sure to check the rollover requirements associated with each bonus. The rollover is the amount of times you must wager your bonus amount before making a withdraw. For example a 25 x’s rollover on a $100 deposit would require you wager $2,500 before withdrawing your bonus money. While that may sound like a lot, when you consider the amount of hands you play in an hour, winning some and losing some, it is easier to do than you would initially think.

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