Ten Reasons to Use Free Text Messaging

There are literally hundreds of Web to SMS services available on the internet. Most individual mobile and wireless providers also provide similar sites for their own subscribers. Many are baffled about the popularity of such websites. Why would you use a website when it is far more effective to use your cell phone?

Educational institutions are not conducive or do not allow cell phones.

Many schools highly discourage cell phone use during class or on school grounds. Many students have access to a PC or labtop during class. Using a web to SMS service eliminates the need for leaving the room to answer or send a text. Sending a PC text is not disruptive and free.

Send a message to multiple people at once

Some web to SMS services, offer the ability to send messages to multiple people at once.

This feature is a convenient way to plan parties, gatherings or send special announcements. Would it not be great to send a message once to all your relatives telling them “It’s a Boy!”

Send a picture from the internet or your computer

SMS stands for Short Message Service which is limited to a maximum of 160 characters (or less for some providers). Some providers now allow you to send pictures in the same fashion using MMS (or Multimedia Message Service). You can now send any picture from your computer or from the internet. This can be a digital camera photo, or a picture from Facebook.

Send music or ringtones to a mobile phone

Using a free MMS service you can send any music file to a capable mobile device. This is a great way to transfer ringtones from your computer to your phone without havingλŒ€λŸ‰λ¬Έμž to read the manual or fidgeting with cable hook ups or bluetooth.

Bulk Messaging

Sending multiple messages from a free service can sometimes be misused like email spam. However, if used lawfully and considerately, it can save countless hours and outbound texting fees to spread a message.

Unlimited Messaging

Most free text messaging services offer no limit to your messaging. The more trusthworthy and effective sites do cap spammers and block IP addresses of abusers. Some sites also allow you to self protect your cellular number through automated “block my number” features.

Anonymous Messaging

Anonimity is a popular feature of many free text messaging websites. The more trustworthy sites do offer a means of tracking unlawful users through IP tracking and blocking. Messages by lawful users are generally sent without the need for a reply address or phone number.

International Coverage

Services such as txt2day.com give you access countless providers all over the world. People can stay in touch with their families and friends around the globe at no additional cost on their cell phone plans.

Save Your Fingers

Using a full keyboard to type a text message allows you to save time and your fingers from thumbitis. Typing is fast and easy.

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