The Importance of Aquariums

Aquariums are self-contained environments where members of the same species live together in close proximity to each other in an enclosed space. Aquariums range from small freshwater pools for aquarium plants and fish to elaborate multi-level aquariums with fish, plants, and even fish and amphibians as the main inhabitants. Aquariums are commonly used for rehabilitation, such as after a car accident or due to illness of an aquarium keeper. The word “tank” comes from the Greek word “tokos” that means a container used for keeping things enclosed. Aquariums are often used as a research tool by scientists studying various species.

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An aquarium consists of a cover, a filter, a heater, and air pumps that circulate the water in the tank. An aquarium is an artificial vivarium with at least one side showing fish or aquatic plants and perhaps some invertebrates. Aquarists use aquariums to housing fish, amphibians, reptiles, and sometimes aquatic plants, including fibre glass plants be nuoi ca rong. In modern aquariums tanks are made of metal, wood, plastic and fabric. Some modern aquariums tanks can be found being soldered together at the seams.

The first tanks to be used in homes were made of wood and they were much larger than the modern tanks. As more people began to get interested in keeping marine life, tanks became smaller and some even started to be made of transparent plastic. However, the need for fish to be kept in large tanks with live plants was felt to be a necessity rather than a luxury.

The modern aquariums are made of glass, plastic, metal and a combination of the two. Glass aquariums are more convenient to use because they do not have to be cleaned as often as metal tanks and they do not absorb the atmosphere as much. They also make it easier to view the fish because they are more clear. Plastic aquariums are the cheapest of the three, but they do not look as natural as a glass tank and many people feel that they look cheap. Acrylic tanks are the most expensive of the three and the reason for this is because they are more durable and can withstand high temperatures.

There are public aquariums all over the world and they date back to the 1800’s when aquariums started to be constructed in parks across the United States. Since the aquariums started in public parks they have expanded to almost all of the country. Public aquariums usually house fish that are endemic to the area in which they are based. Sometimes these exotic fish are introduced into fish farms so that farmers can create a consistent supply of the aquatic animals. Some aquariums are strictly bi-annual and exist only for a certain period of the year.

An important part of maintaining any tank that contains fish is the water quality and the condition of the tank filters. An aquarium with good water quality produces healthy fish and the tanks do not need to be checked as often. If an aquarium owner wants to reduce his or her cleaning time he or she should consider purchasing a gravel heater. A gravel heater will greatly improve the temperature of the water in the tank, which in turn will help the ammonia cycle and the water quality.

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