The Prometric CPA Exam – What It Is and Who Takes It?

I don’t mean to imply the exam is any easier than it was before 200-301 . Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But during the pen and paper days, you had to take all four parts of the exam in one sitting. Can you imagine the psychological pressure of having to do that? Can you imagine the stress an exam taker must be under going into the exam having to be fully prepared for four comprehensive topics?

Gone are the days of the pen and paper exam that I took. The Prometric CPA exam is the only way to take the exam today. In a way it is good. There was a huge shortage of CPAs when I was coming up in the ranks. Today there is less of a shortage thanks to the Prometric CPA exam.

Passing the exam is one of the key CPA requirements. With the new Prometric CPA exam, a candidate can take each of the four parts independently and at the candidate’s convenience. In the past, there were set dates that one had to prepare for. If you weren’t ready by the exam date, you waited a full cycle until it was offered again. Not to mention you lost your exam registration fees.

With the Prometric CPA exam, you can take each part at your convenience when you feel you are ready. You can take the exam at one of several locations locally and internationally. The process is certainly more convenient today, and in my opinion less taxing on a candidate from a psychological perspective. And just like in the past, you can choose to take a CPA course to prepare yourself for the exam.

The Old Pen and Paper vs. The Prometric CPA Exam

Is the Prometric CPA exam easier or harder than the old pen and per exam? It’s hard to say unless one has taken both versions. When I spoke to my son who recently passed the Prometric CPA exam, I understood that the exam was quite challenging.

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