The Proper Way To Use Nicotine Gum When Quitting Smoking

If you’re looking for a viable smoking cessation therapy that works you may want to seriously consider using nicotine gum. This product was developed to simulate the increase and decrease of nicotine in your system that is similar to the cycle that occurs when someone smokes a cigarette. Many users of this product confess that initially they were skeptical of its ability to help them quit smoking but after trying it they admit they were amazed at how good it does at delivering the same kind of feeling they get from their habit of cigarette smoking.

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Typically, the gum comes in 2-milligram and 4-milligram doses. Although you have the option to chew as many as thirty pieces of the 2-milligram gum each day most consumers average between eleven and sixteen pieces for their smoking cessation needs best smoke spots dust 2. For users of the 4-milligram one the average users takes about ten pieces a day with an upper limit of twenty pieces. Interestingly enough, many medical experts recommend that most people stick to using the 2-milligram nicotine gum instead of the more powerful 4-milligram version based on the greater likelihood of side effects occurring and the possibility of a nicotine addiction remaining in place. Always check with your doctor or physician to make sure you use the proper strength prior to use.

Keep in mind that if you choose to use the gum in your anti-smoking program, its effectiveness can be significantly increased when used in a combination with other quit smoking products. When using the 2-milligram one feel free to chew a piece every time you feel the urge to smoke a cigarette how to make stone in little alchemy. Always wait at least fifteen minutes after drinking cola beverages, milk, tea, coffee and fruit juices before chewing the gum. This will prevent the acid in the liquids from diminishing the effectiveness of the product and from causing an upset stomach. If you don’t find the taste of the gum offensive or disgusting you can begin chewing immediately after waking up in the morning. Additionally, you can follow a more regimented schedule by chewing one piece every hour. This is particularly effective if you’re not considered a heavy smoker.

I will say that I am lucky. Smoking has held no ill effects for me. Perhaps I did not inhale deep enough or whatever or perhaps the genetics of having people who live to 100 plus in my family had something to do with it. My journey to quit smoking started more than 2 decades ago. I never thought the smell of stale tobacco was glorious even as a smoker. I always tried to be a considerate smoker. I did not mind sitting in a non smoking section and I did not mind going outside to smoke.

The first thing I tried was the gum and my mouth feel inflamed it did nothing for me. The hypnotist lasted almost 2 full weeks. The patch worked for a while to alleviate the withdrawal or so I thought.

My friend spent the money to do laser only to start again in 3 months as a sneaky smoker. There is no such thing as a sneaky smoker. The reason I say this is the smell even a faint odor lingers on the person. If you are going to smoke just do it honestly that is if you are old enough.

My husband and I were in one of my favorite Book Stores and saw a book for $14.00 on the Easy Way to Quit Smoking by Alan Carr. I of course bought the book and my husband said you really believe this. I said no, but I have tried everything else besides I can still smoke while I read. This was the beginning of December of 2006 and now on December 27, 2007 I will be smoke free for 1 year. It was easy and informative in a totally different manner then what we hear from the scare tactics.

The man had a 5 pack a day habit and drew from his own experience and decided to make it as it turned out his life long study of why people smoke. I felt so connected to him from the first chapter of this small book and was laughing a lot.

Some people say the weight gain keeps them from stopping. I now know why I became fat while I smoked. The bottom line is since I controlled how much I smoked I kept myself in perpetual withdrawal and just exasperated my agony of smoking.

One week after I decided I was done my husband and I were invited to a social event where there were many smokers. My husband was concerned that the environment would not be good for me. I said well there is only one way to find out if I have really quit. The experience did not bother me at all in fact it was quite the opposite I had no desire for the smell. I knew then that I was a non smoker.
Another benefit I have noticed is many of the dark spots on my skin just simply disappeared.

I am a firm believer why get addicted to something else? In other words why change one habit for another? No patches, no gums, no pills, no anxiety, no nothing, and a 33 year habit is gone. I still shake my head wondering how did something so simple make it easy for me to stop.

With the with the onset of the Smoking Ban, it is estimated that over 2 million people in England, Wales & Scotland will have tried to quit smoking in the second half of 2007. However, even if all of these people managed to give up and stay off cigarettes, that still leaves an estimated 8 million smokers in Britain today.

To give up smoking is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, with hundreds of thousands trying to quit each year. But the sad fact is that a significant proportion of these people will lapse before the year is out and return to their smoking habit. There are withdrawal symptoms that will be experienced when trying to give up smoking – many people suffer from mouth ulcers, develop a chesty cough and even suffer from disturbed sleep. However as well as these physical symptoms there are also mental side effects that need to be faced – irritability, restlessness and anxiety and it is perhaps these side effects that contribute more to people succumbing to the craving for nicotine more than the physical withdrawal symptoms.

Therefore preparing yourself mentally to quit before you even stub out that last cigarette could be the key to success. Take time to sit down and write a list of all the reasons why you want to quit and then put it somewhere really obvious to refer back to it in a moment of weakness. Decide on a day to quit and make a note – only buy enough cigarettes to last you until that time – “emergency supplies” stashed away will call out to you once you’ve stopped and could be your downfall. Tell your family and friends and ask them to support you, maybe even find yourself a friend who wants to stop as well.

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