The Wide World Of Socket Wrench Sets

A socket wrench set is an incredibly convenient and versatile bundle of handy toolkit tools which provides users with the versatility to address multiple different sizes and kinds of fasteners, mainly aimed at fastening to a wide assortment of standard nuts and bolts, to a wide assortment of automotive nuts and bolts. Actually, there are just so many different sizes and shapes of nuts, screws and other fasteners available, that it’s difficult to name all of them. Some of the best selling fastener kits include socket sets that are produced by top-rated brands like Lincolns, Bosch and Husqvarna, that are well-known for their reliability and superior quality. But the best way to choose a fastener set is still by carefully evaluating each tool in terms of its unique characteristics.

Husky 1/4-inch Drive Ratchet SAE/Metric Standard Socket Set (20-Piece) |  The Home Depot Canada

Among the most common fasteners sold in the market are the screw sockets, which are especially made to provide leverage when tightening threaded fasteners and bolts. Most commonly used screw socket sets include a long and a short stem. Both the ends of the stem are tapered equally, to match the diameter of the screw that needs to be secured. Screws of different sizes can be secured with different sized sockets, while keeping in mind that too much of a stem could cause stripping. In addition to screw sockets, there are also socket wrenches that feature a different design that allows fastening to nearly any diameter rod

Socket sets have become one of the most common tools for securing nuts and bolts in enclosed spaces, like automobiles, boats, construction sites and even garages. They may seem complicated to use at first glance, but in actuality, they are quite easy to use. All that is needed are two hands and some patience. Simply slide the socket wrench in between the bolt and nut and apply enough pressure until the nut slips free. Then simply remove the bolt and the nut.

There are two major types of drive socket sets available on the market: metric and imperial measurements. Metric drive socket sets are used in most commercial applications. Imperial measurements, however, are widely used and preferred by the majority of homeowners because they are easier to recognize and use. There are two basic sizes within the imperial measurements: one-half and two-thirds of an inch. Either way, you will be able to find suitable sockets for your project.

The humble screwdriver is another general tool that every housewife should have in his or her garage. Almost all cars and trucks come equipped with a set of Allen screws, which are used for fastening various parts of the vehicle together. You can purchase additional Phillips screws and washers as well, but using an Allen wrench in place of a screwdriver makes fastening even the most stubborn bolts so much easier. Allen screws are available at any general hardware store, and you can purchase them in sets of four, six, eight or twelve.

A bit socket wrench set includes one to two inch Allen screws in different sizes, ranging from “just right” to “just out”. The two-inch version is usually best suited for woodworking projects, such as building furniture or bird houses, because it is long enough to penetrate the wood securely and is therefore useful for nailing small sculptures or nails. The longer version is useful for installing shelves, brackets, trimmers, and similar woodworking projects. Each set includes a pair of bit sockets, a pair of quality wrenches, and various other accessories, such as nuts and washers.

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