Tips on Buying Domestic Helper Insurance

Buying domestic helper insurance is as easy as purchasing commodities in a grocery. It comes in different packages offering different policies. Depending on what you like and what you need, all you have to do is choose.

With all the emerging insurance companies, it is very important to know what to look for in maid insurance. You have to carefully consider not only the packaging, but more so the content of the policies they have and the credibility of the company in implementing the insurance.

A major criterion to consider in buying domestic helper protection is the insurance company’s credibility. Big companies are more likely to live up to their customer’s expectations compared with newbies in the business. Check how long the insurance companies have been in the 僱傭中心 business, and how they are dealing with their clients. The length of service and the kinds of clientele are strong guarantees of a company’s credibility.

Apart from the credibility foundation of an insurance company, it is very important to scrutinize the insurance policies. Insurance companies have different plans to suit the maid’s needs. A basic plan normally includes compensation and hospitalization in case of accidents, but there are more details to be aware of.

Some policies cover just the medical insurance of the maid, while some include the dental insurance. There are policies which cover all types of accidents, oftentimes called full protection, and there are some which clearly indicates exclusions from the plan coverage. Other details like repatriation expense, service allowance insurance, etc. in favor of the domestic helper vary from one insurance policy to another.

Domestic helper insurance also protects not only the maid but also the employer. The employer can also claim insurance from loss in case of theft and fraud. And some insurance companies even offer protection from unauthorized use of International Direct Dialing system. The employer can also opt to be protected in case his domestic helper suffers from some illnesses or accidents.

Before buying a maid insurance, it is necessary to weigh which policy is cost efficient and appropriate. The cost of buying the policy should be beneficial to the best interest of both the maid and the employer. It should offer a worry free relationship between both parties especially during unfortunate events.

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