Understanding Guinea Pigs – 5 Common Behaviors

Guinea Pigs are extremely complex animal, they display a range of behavior and sounds while communicating. Each cavies behavior is predominately determined by their unique character and as you start to build trust and create relationships with your new pets. You will notice that each of your cavies will act differently in certain situations. With that said however there is a number of various 健康生活專門店 common guinea pig behavior, you should be aware of. These include: begging for treats, coprography, licking, popcorning and biting cage bars.

Begging for treats

Guinea pigs love begging for tasty treats. As their confidence continues to grow, they will attempt standing on their hind legs every time they see their favorite treats approaching their cage. When they are very excited, they also tend to look at you with their eager eyes. Although this is not a bad behavior, you can prevent them from having false expectations by developing a well-defined feeding schedule.


Whenever your cavies are munching on something other than hay or vegetables, you may catch them eating their poop. Although it sounds weird for most humans, coprography is actually a normal behavior. They tend to eat their soft poops because their digestive systems are not capable of extracting the vitamins and nutrients from their food right away. Eating the poop of a healthy guinea pig can actually help them acquire the right amount of nutrients they need.


Cavies love licking their owners. Animal behaviorists consider this as a sign of affection and care. When you are holding your pet and he starts licking you, this means that he already feels very comfortable in your hands. Some people also think that they just love the taste of salt in the human skin. However, it will be more rewarding if you consider licking as sweet guinea pig kisses.


Most owners consider popcorning as the most interesting aspect of guinea pig behavior. This refers to the event when cavies suddenly start leaping in the air. Young guinea pigs usually jump straight up as if they were wearing pogo sticks. When cavies engage in this behavior, they are trying to show you that they are very happy and contented with their life. Since only healthy cavies exhibit this behavior, you have the right to swell with pride every time your critters start leaping to the air.

Biting cage bars

If your cavy is starting to bite the bars of their cage, it is probably time to give them more attention. You need to buy them new toys and wheels if you want to prevent them from doing this disruptive activity. If possible, give them a cage mate to prevent them from feeling too bored and lonely.

By simply understanding how you guinea pigs behave, you can give them the chance to live a healthier and happier life. Do not hesitate to learn more about guinea pig behavior before keeping cavies as your pets and lifelong companions.

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