Vibration Plates – Do They Work?

Many people are sceptical about vibro plates given their rather rapid rise to fame lately. So, vibration plates, do they work? After searching around, you are likely to discover there are a lot of positives about their use and not that many negatives. Therefore, I guess that the general consensus is that they probably do work to at least some degree!

Before you rush out and get one, think about why you want to use vibro plates in the first place. I would suspect that many people will be searching for help with weight loss, but there are other reasons for using them. These reasons would fall into two main categories, that of sport and health. Vibro plate exercises have been used for several years in the sports world and there are several published research papers around that suggest positive results. Using this type of exercise will allow for a fast and easy way to target specific areas of the body related to the particular sport required. They will also aid in rehabilitation following injury women vibrator . It is this rehabilitation effect that relates to the health benefits.

There has been a lot of research into the benefits of vibration training and improvements in bone density. One of the obvious things here is that when we age, bone density can become reduced, especially in women who are post-menopausal. Such research has strongly suggested that bone density can be improved and the incidents of falls reduced by using vibro plates. Balance can weaken without regular exercise, but as vibro plates ‘trick’ our bodies into using our muscles in a sustained way without much effort, IMHO, I would suggest that this ‘balance practice’ is likely to be the reason for the reduction in falls.

Other areas where vibro plate exercises have been suggested to have a positive effect (this may sometimes be just because it makes exercising much easier), include blood circulation, high blood pressure, cholesterol reduction, muscle pains, improves muscle tone (including core and pelvic floor muscles), relaxation, type II diabetes and of course weight loss benefits when used in conjunction with a healthy eating plan.

Basically, using vibro plates can lead to significant benefits in terms of muscle tone and strength and aid in weight loss. What’s more, this can be achieved in ten minutes a day around three days a week and will give you the same workout as you could do in three hours, but for just 1/2 hour of not very much effort. So, vibration plates, do they work? Well, if you can’t exercise regularly for whatever reason, or are just a bit lazy on the exercise front, vibro plates may just be your answer as research is quite positive about their effects in terms of health, sporting applications and weight loss.

A new wave, a new beginning needs a fit woman in all respects. When we talk about fitness women the traditional view is about the physical fitness of women. But there is more to fitness.

We have to be consciously aware of the fact that as a human being we are not just the physical self but we are a unified wonder of nature encompassing the body, the mind, the heart and the soul. Unless we are fit at all these levels, we cannot create a harmony in the universe that is within us. If our inner universe is not fit, then we radiate a negative vibration in the outer universe. The more we create such negative vibrations in the external universe the more shall be the chaos and mess in the universe.

Therefore if we want to make a change in the problems seen in today’s world, we need to change first of all our own self. After all we are part of the larger system and what we project inside our inner universe becomes the manifestations in the external universe.

Only a fit woman in you can bring about a soothing and long term change for the positive in this world. Your wholesome fitness is essential for the well being of the world and the nature. Let’s start from the inner core and then move to the outside to see how fitness women as a concept in real sense can be felt and achieved.

If you have become consciously aware about yourself then that is the beginning of a fit soul as once you become consciously aware about your real existence you start the process of connecting to your inner soul. Then your soul starts talking to you. It starts revealing to you its needs and the direction in which it wants you to go so that you can achieve your life’s purpose on earth.

When you consciously move in the direction shown by your soul, your life opens with immense opportunities and possibilities. You start developing a vision and you become highly creative and generative in nature. Then you start the process of connection with the world and everything around you in a positive and constructive manner. During this process your heart opens up with love and compassion for others and it becomes really fit in its own way.

Once your soul and your heart becomes fit, then your mind is bubbling to carry out the plans, the vision and goals set by your heart and soul. This in turn makes your mind very fit. A fit mind demands action and forward mobility which is then achieved by your physical self. This leads to a fit body which is in control of a fit mind which in turn listens to a fit heart and soul. A perfect harmony is established between your inner & outer self and you start projecting tremendous creative and generative energy into the external universe.

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