Web Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Web Search Engine optimization, or SEO is not a difficult as people think but it does require care when structuring your site. You should build your site around your main keyword, starting with the domain name. The domain name is obviously important, example: using our original analogy, you ideally would want your domain name to be howtobuildthecuttysarkfrombalsawood.com, a bit of a long winded example there but it proves the point. Imagine if someone were to perform a search for building the Cutty Sark from balsa wood, Google would come straight to your page as it is an exact match. However, it does not end there, although Google will come to your site, where it renders your site within its ranking depends upon how important Google thinks your site is as to where you will rank on the pages.

Next we need to consider headlines. Time and time again Companies forget to use H1 tags when presenting heading on their website tech web post . This is the case from multi-million pound businesses to small corner shops. This is a simple fix, all you need is a HTML editor such as Dreamweaver or front page, whatever your chosen HTML editor is, or get your tech guy/girl to is for you. Go into your sites pages and where ever you have a headline simply add the following text:

Your pages should also contain your keyword, a good rule of thumb for effective web search engine optimization is to follow is the 1/100 rule, whereby you should use your keyword once every 100 words, where possible. Don’t forget, the whole idea of your page is to make it readable to the viewer, so don’t squeeze one in because you have reached the 100 word point, use a little creativeness and you will be able to write accordingly. If your page runs to 700 words or more then adding an extra would not hurt.

Within the first line or two you should try and get your keyword in, this will tell Google’s crawlers what the page is about and therefore return a better response than if there were no mention o the keyword, this would be considered confusing and although it would not stop your page ranking, it would not render where you want to be, page 1!

When considering how best to use web search engine optimization, thought should be given to the keyword however, over use of a keyword is classed as spamming (filling a page/post with countless amounts of the same keyword in an attempt to fool Google, basically). Instead of being tempted to use this technique, use related keywords. For example: if your keyword was ‘weight loss’ then you could use ‘losing weight’ and ‘lose weight’ this tells Google what your site is about but does not count as spamming, be sure not to overdo it on the related keywords though!

In summary: Web search engine optimization is a fine art, make sure that you have your h1 tags in place, only 1 keyword per 100 words to avoid any hint of spamming. Use related keywords within the content of your pages but make sure that your writing flows and do not just add a keyword for the sake of it. It is important to let the Google’s crawlers know what you are trying to say on your page, the h1 tag is a good start, try and get your keyword into the first sentence of your piece. These are basic tips for SEO but should give you a great start for your page.

I hope I have given you food for thought and you now feel you have enough information for you to at least start your web search engine optimization, get the keywords right words for true online success. I truly wish you all the success with your online business.

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