What Makes Lalaloopsy Dolls So Popular?

Not sure what to get your little girl for Christmas this year? You probably haven’t considered the Lalaloopsy doll yet. Another name for these rag dolls made of plastic are the Bitty Buttons, and these retro dolls are proving to little girls everywhere that old style toys can bring joy into their lives too らぶどーる . But these aren’t just knock offs to the Raggedy Ann dolls. These dolls come with a backstory all their own.

For one thing, these dolls can be interacted with online. They “come to life” once they are put together and sewn up. After coming to life, their personality develops from whatever items they were created with. Imagination and values are the main focus of these dolls.

There are eight Lalaloopsy dolls now, each with a unique personality to fit your little girl. Peanut Big Top wears a clown outfit, and was created on April Fools. Mittens Fluff n Stuff was made at the beginning of the Winter season from remnants of a scarf belonging to an Eskimo. Bea Spells A Lot wears the uniform of a schoolgirl and has as her day of creation the Dictionary Day. Then Spot Splatter Splash was born on the same day as Picasso, and was made from the overalls of a painter. Dot Starlight is the newest addition, coming into existence to celebrate the anniversary of when Neil Armstrong and Co first walked on the moon, and dons her own spacesuit.

On the day the cookie is celebrated nationally Crumbs Sugar Cookie came out of a baking apron and into the world. From a princess’ gown on the day of the jewel, Jewel Sparkles was born. Then came Pillow Featherbed out of the blanket of a baby on the day of the Festival of Sleep. You can see how every one of these loveable dolls exhibits their own peculiar blend of attitude and characteristics. Their eyes are of the traditional rag doll button, and their cheeks are rosy. Their hair comes in several colors, depending on the doll, and can be either blond, purple, red, pink or blue.

The dolls stand at 13″, which is ideal for young girls to manipulate as they play dress up and use their own imaginations to enter into the Lalaloopsy dolls’ world. As a parent, you can allow your little girl to visit Lalaloopsyland for more fun with their dolls. There are games to be played here, as well as socializing with the other dolls. Your daughter will come to love her doll as her own best friend.

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