Which Web Hosting Plan Should I Choose?

When making a site, one of the first action steps you’ll need to take is to pick get hosting. For those new to web design, think of a hosting company like a home owner who’s renting you their home. Hosting companies own space online and will rent that space to you in various packages. In this post, I’ll cover 3 major hosting companies assuming your purchasing a year’s worth of hosting and a domain name with each. The companies are, GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Hostgator.


The biggest hosting company in the world is GoDaddy. They provide excellent customer service and have a variety of plans to match customers’ needs. Go addy was the first hosting company I ever used and I never had a problem with their service but started using Bluehost at a certain GoDaddy email login point because they offer a free domain name with purchase of a hosting plan. I’ll get to Bluehost later, but after recently reviewing both options again, I realized that GoDaddy’s plans are still cheaper even though domain names are a separate purchase from hosting.

The typical user will choose one of two plans that GoDaddy offers, the economy or deluxe plan. The economy plan is the all-around best for those who are certain they only want to put up one website. While the 10GB of storage the economy plan offers is more than enough to put up multiple sites, the economy plan restricts you to one website. However, at $55 total ($45 for hosting and $10 for a domain name), it’s easily the cheapest plan you’ll get out there.

The deluxe plan, while costing a bit more at $76, offers 150GB of storage space and unlimited websites as long as they fit within the 150GB storage restraint. So, if you plan on creating more than one website you’ll want to take a look at the deluxe plan.


I’ve used Bluehost a bunch throughout the past few years and have always been pleased with their customer service. Sure, there’s always the five minute wait period and 20 question identity verification when you call or chat them, but they are helpful once on the phone. Bluehost’s big pull is that they offer a free domain name with purchase of a hosting plan. In the end, that comes out to $95. A bit more than GoDaddy but they do offer unlimited storage space. If your site’s going to be a mammoth site, you may want to consider paying the extra price. Otherwise, you may be fine going with GoDaddy’s economy or deluxe plans.


Hostgator’s “Hatchling Plan” is their cheapest at $80 at the moment (20% summer discount). It’s very similar to the GoDaddy economy plan in that you’re only allowed one website on the account. However, unlike GoDaddy, Hostgator’s plan offers unlimited disk space; a nice bonus if your site may grow to larger proportions downs the road.

Their second plan, the “Baby Plan,” offer unlimited storage space and unlimited websites for the slightly higher annual price of $110 per year. Much like Bluehost and GoDaddy, Hostgator offers excellent, 24/7 customer service.

How much storage space do I need? (A full length movie takes about 2GB of space… Unless your site is going to contain the equivalent of 5 full length movies in data you should be fine with the smaller storage restrictions in GoDaddy’s Economy Plan. However, if you are going to have that much and possibly more, take a look at the GoDaddy Deluxe Plan, Hostgator Hatchling Plan, or Bluehost Plan, all of which offer increased storage.

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