Who Were They Designing It For?

I am regularly amazed by brand new facilities that are obviously user-unfriendly. Huge investments of time and money…but who are they designing it for?!

A Journey Through Inspirations of Hong Kong Interior Design Projects

If you want to improve customer service quality, every decision needs to be made with clients in mind. A new airport in the Middle East is an impressive and expensive building 裝修工程. It’s huge, packed with stainless steel and halogen lights and lots of fancy gold.

But it takes six escalators, two moving sidewalks and 3,446 steps (I counted) to get from the aircraft door to the taxi door at curbside. And no baggage trolleys are provided. This is not the way to improve customer service quality!

What were the architects thinking about? Size? Grandeur? Physical exercise? Who were they designing it for?!

A sparkling new hotel opened in a major capital city. There is no clear signage directing guests from the ballrooms to the restrooms. The few signs that do exist are etched in muted gold on dark marble pillars. More obvious signage was considered inappropriate for such elegant decor. Very stylish, very chic. But who were they designing it for?! Obviously not to improve customer service quality.

I received a business card with a Realtor’s mailing address printed in four-point type. That’s very tiny print (less than half the size of these letters!) Graphic designers love tiny type. It’s so trendy, hip and cool. But it’s certainly not easy to read and does nothing to improve customer service quality.

Who – and – what is a business card for?
I had to argue with the graphics company to print all the contact information in 14 point type on my stationery. (That’s bigger than these letters.) They said it was “too big, not nice, not sophisticated.” I said it had to be big to remain legible, even as “a fax of a fax.” I’m more interested in ways to improve customer service quality than increasing sophistication.

Summer is quickly passing and the start of school is around the corner. For those of you who are heading off to college, it is time to begin thinking about schedules, classes, transportation, and of course, your dorm room. You have many things to consider when it comes to this space you will call home for the next 10 months such dorm room furniture, bedding, storage, and dorm room decorations. Dorm rooms aren’t known for style and uniqueness but primarily for their mundane white walls. If you are looking for dorm room ideas and want to make this space your own style, the ideal solution is removable wall decals.

Using precut peel and stick wall decals is by far the easiest way to decorate your walls without using nails or scotch tape. For ladies, you can add deco wall decals like swirls and ovals, or even giant animal silhouettes, polka dots, giant tulips, or even peel and stick picture frames.

For guys, there are the ultra cool giant super hero wall decals including Spiderman, The Hulk, Wolverine, Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Transformers and more. For athletes, add sports silhouettes, extreme sport stickers, or even giant sports decals.

If you would like a touch of retro, add a true conversation piece with those favorite characters from long ago such as Tom and Jerry, The Tasmanian Devil, Sylvester and Tweety, or even Hong Kong Phooey.

If you’re a fan of the beach and want that tropical feel in your dorm room use bright and colorful tropical fish, Hawaiian leaves and flowers and even sea shell wall decals in your dorm decor.

Not only are wall decals for adding beauty to your dorm room decor, they can also help you manage college life. Rather than three people trying to squeeze in front of a mirror trying to get ready in the mornings, add your own peel and stick wall mirror by your bed and don’t worry being late for class.

Use peel and stick wall pockets and combine the polka dot look with a functional way to keep up with your school utensils and CDs.

College life is certainly busy. Want a way to easily remind yourself of those things you need to get done. Add peel and stick dry erase boards or chalkboard wall decals to your dorm decor. Chalkboard decals can be found in cool designs such as skateboarders, TVs, guitars, and drums.

For a change of pace, stick removable wall decals to your dorm room furniture, lamps, and even laptop covers. One of the best aspects of using wall decals in dorm rooms is how easily they remove. Simply peel them off, place them back on the decal sheet, and use them the next year or let a friend use them. Your college will love these decals as well because they leave no sticky residue behind when you take them down.

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