Why is it time for business to take sticker marketing seriously in 2021 and beyond?

Have you heard or read about sticker marketing but are sceptical whether that is a trend worth investing in? Or are currently looking for alternative marketing strategies to hit your growth targets and promote your business?

In this article, we will talk you through the benefits of sticker marketing and explain why custom stickers can be your secret marketing weapon way beyond 2021. Are you ready? Then let us jump right in! 

1. Unchartered territory 

Can stickers even be effective in a world that seems to rely on digital channels? Absolutely. The opportunities within digital marketing are amazing, and we do encourage you to have an online presence, focus on your SEO and engage with customers. 

However, stickers can be an add-on to your existing marketing strategy and offer a way to fill more than one channel. Social media outlets tend to be oversaturated with ads, making customers less receptive. Stickers can be used on- as well as offline. Your advantage when using them offline is that you can catch your customer off-guard with less competition. 

One of the greatest ways of using stickers offline is guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla campaigns rely on unorthodox advertising strategies to surprise potential customers and encourage them to interact with a brand or business. Such campaigns do not depend on a huge budget but instead depend on creativity, time and energy. 

Stickers are an easy and quick option to reap the rewards of guerrilla marketing. Through plastering certain spaces with your message and logo, you can generate offline visibility for your business. Vinyl stickers are ideal for that as they make your campaign last. 

2. Low cost, high effectivity 

Stickers are not only incredibly versatile, but incredibly cost-effective. When you buy them in bulk, they often come to as little as a few pence per sticker, making them a great investment. 

Many sticker makers offer not only various shapes, but a wide range of materials for you to choose from. This means you can use your stickers in many different ways. 

Transparent stickers make great window signage, whereas biodegradable stickers can be used to brand your product packaging and a premium holographic sticker can function to communicate your high product quality to your customers. 

Particularly when choosing custom made stickers, you can let your creativity run free and get your perfect design or logo printed on your stickers for no extra cost. Their low cost almost guarantees a positive return on your investment when choosing stickers. 

3. The power of gifts 

There is one more way you can really yap into the power of custom stickers: add them for free to every order or purchase. 

Stickers still have a unique appeal to them. Given under the right circumstances, they are not even seen as an advertising tool. Instead, they are perceived as a gift. The giving of gifts is a long-established marketing strategy because it ignites positive emotions that are linked to your business. 

Moreover, it evokes a psychological process: the rule of reciprocity. When we receive a gift, we feel the need to return this favour somehow. In this case, this can be through a purchase, a recommendation or even a post on social media. 

It is a great way to connect your brand with positive associations in your customer’s mind. This not only increases the likelihood of a repurchase, but also means your customers are more likely to actually use your stickers. Imagine your logo being used as a phone or laptop sticker and turning your existing customers into brand ambassadors! 

We hope this article made you see why we still recommend using stickers in 2021 and will continue to do so way beyond that. If you want to give these little powerhouses a try, we would love to hear your experience in the comments below.

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