Wii 7′ TFT LCD Monitor – Take Your Wii Games Along With You

The portable consoles have there for long time and there was not worry for gamers to carry them wherever they like. But the screen was a big problem. Even if one wished to play games, one would not satisfy the passion due to lack of screen. Now all your worries are over with the Wii 7′ TFT LCD monitor. It is a wonderful portable screen for wii games. You have the freedom to carry this game screen wherever you like and get engaged with your wii games.

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The Wii screen has really been a great relief for my gaming issues when I am traveling. I cannot live without playing at least half an hour everyday. For many days I used to face lot of difficulty when on holiday. Either I had to hit a game parlour or ask for screens to hotel staff to fulfill my quest of games.

Now the Wii 7′ TFT LCD monitor brings end to all my worries MaxiCOM MK908P. This portable genius accompanies you wherever you wish to take it. This monitor supports high resolution of image and you don’t have to sacrifice graphics and images quality of games.

The monitor has built in stereo speakers. You can have the thrill feeling when you have these built in stereo speakers popping out audible sounds of fire, fight and shrill cries of enemies. The Wii 7′ TFT LCD monitor also supports the original Wii power supply and has a car adaptor to start playing when you are on the go. There are ports for earphone jack and AV input. The built in sensor bar is another effective feature of this monitor.

Fitting the unit of monitor is not a difficult task. You just have to attach the base of this unit to the back of Wii and all the ports of the LCD monitor are customized to fit the Wii console. There are extra AV ports in the monitor if you wish to hook up DVD or CD to enjoy some other thing.

The screen of Wii 7′ TFT LCD monitor is built on socket design and ball which gives you the freedom to move it in a direction for incredible viewing. It can also be mounted on the roof the car if you wish. When the monitor is not in use, it can be folded perfectly flat for protection again the Wii.

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